Tom Felton Performed 'You'll Be Back' From Hamilton, And Now I'm Doing All The Fantasy Casting

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Who knows if there will be a film adaptation of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s mythic musical Hamilton, especially when Disney+ gave us the stage play to watch in the comfort of our own homes? Still, say there were a film adaptation, or even a casting call from one of the many staged versions currently mounted throughout the world, for a new actor to play King George III. A pretty awesome candidate could bring in a lot of potential audience members, and thanks to Harry Potter and The Flash alum Tom Felton performing an acoustic version of “You’ll Be Back," I’m ready to do all the fantasy casting and pick the man who was once a Malfoy to rule Colonial America.

I can sense some apprehension in the audience, as stunt casting in musicals doesn’t always lead to the best results. However, I have evidence as to why I’m not totally crazy for wanting this to happen, as Tom Felton posted the following video to his Twitter; which was also shared by the official Hamilton Twitter feed:

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Whenever a movie musical can help itself, choosing a cast member that exudes the perfect balance of singing talent and a marquee-worthy name is something that should be striven for. But it doesn’t always work out that way, which may have some of you hearing the echoes of Russell Crowe in Les Miserables or Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia right about now. Rest assured, after hearing Tom Felton singing the first King George III number from Hamilton, I totally believe Felton would be a dream to see play the role that Jonathan Groff helped make famous. He'd probably spit less too.

Not only does Felton have the vocal chops, and if need be the acoustic guitar skills to bring King George III to life, but we all know from past experience that he has the attitude. In particular, Draco Malfoy’s bratty swagger, complete with huge chip on his shoulder and goons waiting to do his bidding, is exactly what one could imagine King George III possessing. The big difference being, Tom Felton’s iconic Harry Potter villain wouldn’t have an armed battalion to try and take out his enemies. At most, he could probably complain to his father, who’d then rustle up some Death Eaters to do some damage; yet, the point still remains.

Fantasy casting for something as huge as Hamilton is no easy feat, as trying to imagine anyone other than original cast members like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Anthony Ramos, and Jonathan Groff taking their places is something that fans would consider treason. However, with due respect to those who originated those performances, casting directors on the official team for Hamilton’s many stage productions may want to keep Tom Felton’s name in mind for any future shake ups. Meanwhile, the original cast production of Hamilton is currently streaming on Disney+. Perhaps you’ve seen it once or twice?

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