Henry Cavill Shares Funny Enola Holmes Bloopers From Making The Netflix Film

Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes

The reviews for the new Netflix film, Enola Holmes, which focuses on a previously unknown member of the Holmes family, are pretty solid. By all accounts, including my own, it's a fun little movie that most will probably enjoy watching. However, I'm not sure anybody is going to have quite as much fun watching it as the cast apparently had making it. A new blooper reel has been dropped online by co-star Henry Cavill that shows that there was much laughter on the set.

The video opens up with one of the more tense scenes in Enola Holmes, where the title heroine and her friend are running from somebody trying to apprehend them both. However, in the video posted to Instagram, we see that this take was not quite as serious as it appears as it ends in a much funnier way than the actual film. Also, So. Much. Flossing. Check it out.

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I mean, don't get me wrong, Millie Bobby Brown has than dance down pat and she is quite capable of doing it much faster than I've seen anybody else attempt. And honestly, what else does one do with themself between takes? This seems like as good a way to pass the time as any.

Much was made of Henry Cavill's hair in the lead up to the release of Enola Holmes. And honestly, who's shocked by this, I mean look at it? However, in at least one scene it appears that the hair was giving the actor some trouble. Beyond that, there's a lot of laughing, mostly from the 16-year-old lead actress who clearly had a good time making this movie.

I think my favorite bit has to be when Millie Bobby Brown forgets she has her glasses on. I can't tell if this was from a rehearsal and she just didn't want to break her glasses, or if she literally forgot she had them on and was about to film a scene wearing them, but either way, it's great.

Having said that, the highlight is probably still the opening blooper. I could watch Louis Partridge crack his head on that windowsill all day long. I think I will...

Louis Partridge in Enola Holmes

It's fairly clear from watching Enola Holmes that it was a fun movie to make. While the movie isn't without its serious moments and has some remarkably dramatic and mature elements, it is largely a lighthearted adventure, and part of the reason it works so well is probably that the cast never forgot to have fun while on the set.

Enola Holmes is now available on Netflix.

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