Netflix Releases New Enola Holmes Deleted Scenes With More Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
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Enola Holmes was one of Netflix’s most successful original films to come out within the past month. It has been sitting at No. 1 on the streaming platform’s charts in the United States and many international markets since last week after being warmly received by critics and casual viewers alike. Sure, Enola Holmes was already two hours of action-packed and heartwarming cipher-solving, but we want to see more!

There's no official word on a sequel for Sherlock Holmes’ sister, but Netflix did just release two deleted scenes of Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola. Check them out below:

More clues! The four-minute video shared by Netflix following the release of some bloopers includes some small, but valuable moments that did not make the cut of Enola Holmes. The first one looks to have occurred shortly after the disappearance of Enola’s mother, Eudoria (played by Helena Bonham Carter) in the film. She is speaking with her home's housekeeper, questioning why her mom would leave on her birthday. The housekeeper talks about Eudoria being privy to keeping secrets for long before Enola’s birth.

She talks about Eudoria often doing things her own way in the small, emotional moment that leads Enola to start to use their secret flower language to discover clues. As the video reveals, only the end of the conversation is shown in the film's final cut. The first deleted scene also gives more context into Sherlock and Mycroft’s childhood. Apparently Sherlock was always running from school and Mycroft was the exact opposite.

The second deleted scene has Enola in the prim and proper dress she wears midway through the film. Still on the lookout for clues, the cut scene has Millie Bobby Brown’s character venturing into another London hideout where she finds Women’s Suffrage flyers and a stick of dynamite much earlier in the film. It’s a close detail that would have shown Enola catching wind of her mother’s plan much earlier on, but that was instead saved for the third act.

Both of these sequences are good puzzle pieces that could have easily been lodged into the greater puzzle, but weren’t necessarily needed within Enola Holmes. The movie ended up being a few minutes over two hours already, and certainly the filmmakers did not want to drag it longer than needed. Even so, it’s nice to see these small additions that nearly made it in.

Since Enola Holmes is based on a series of books by Nancy Springer, the possibility of a second film is definitely possible, and the events at the end of the film leave the door open for more mysteries from the young detective. Although the character decided to reject Sherlock’s proposal to mentor her and pave her own path with her last lines, we certainly hope Henry Cavill and Sam Chaflin would return with her for a sequel as well.

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