Alita: Battle Angel Fans Have Big Plans Ahead Of Movie's Re-Release In Theaters

Alita: Battle Angel Alita and Doc Ido stand close together on Iron City's streets

If you want to make your voice heard in this world, the internet is a hell of a way to get the job done. Though there’s still something to be said about a good old fashioned billboard campaign, which can draw the eye to messages of inspiration and fandom with the right location. But if you can plant a boot on both sides of that divide, with a message like that of supporting the theatrical re-release of Alita: Battle Angel, then you’re practically a member of the Alita Army, as those are exactly the big plans they have in store ahead of October’s big event.

Over the weekend, the folks in the Alita Army had a new idea to help boost the awareness of the October 30 re-issue of Alita: Battle Angel into theaters. Taking to GoGetFunding once again, as they have with previous billboard campaigns, the goal of $1,587 was raised in under an hour thanks to passionate fans! That money will now secure a prime billboard in Orlando, Florida, which is placed in a rather strategic location for two important goals.

The first and most obvious objective is that the Alita Army wants Disney’s attention to be drawn towards Alita: Battle Angel’s recent good fortunes in the hopes of greenlighting a sequel. That’s always been the practical business goal for the various campaigns that the group has launched, and to expect anything else would be interesting. But the other reason this location was picked is one of the more philanthropic gestures the fans are engaging in, as this billboard is positioned not only close to the Walt Disney World resort, but also near an AMC Theatres location in the area.

Just as movie theaters have responded to the Alita Army’s demand for another chance to see Alita: Battle Angel in theaters, the fandom wants to try and give back to theaters that are having a bit of a rough time bringing audiences back to the movies. So with Disney’s eyes trained on that billboard, as well as that of moviegoers who haven’t been back as much as they’d like, there’s a hope that the very places that sparked the Alita fandom’s obsession with Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron’s cult favorite might keep the lights on.

Last, but certainly not least, all of the funds past the initially set goal that come in between the start of the campaign and its closure on Friday will be split towards two purposes: both a YouTube ad promoting Alita: Battle Angel’s return, and a generous donation to Feeding America will be funded once all is said and done. This should come as no surprise to those following the Alita Army’s sequelization and awareness efforts, as they’ve previously donated to charities for everything from caring for the less fortunate to providing affordable prosthetics to those in need.

Some might still be wondering why Alita: Battle Angel is worth such attentions, as the film was released over a year ago and did fairly well at the box office. Others might think that such energies are better spent championing other causes. But if 2020 has shown us anything, especially with both the Alita Army and Snyder Cut movements, it’s that fans voices can be heard; and when they raise them, some good can be done in the process. We’ll see what happens with the big Alita: Battle Angel re-release, as it will be heading back to theaters for the weekend of October 30, at both select AMC and Cinemark Theater locations.

If you’re looking to get in on the action, be sure to check your local showtimes, as well as the Twitter feed, for your theater chain of choice, and plan accordingly. But if you’re not feeling safe enough to head back to theaters, you can always purchase or rent the film through digital or physical media, as well as watch or stream the film through its new cable home of Cinemax and the MaxGo app. And before the campaign closes this Friday, be sure to visit the GoGetFunding campaign to do some good, and make some more noise in the process.

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