Joe Manganiello Got A Wild New Haircut For Snyder Cut Reshoots, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

Joe Manganiello in Justice League

The saga of Zack Snyder's Justice League is one of the most remarkable artistic endeavors in memory. From being a film that was cut off at the knees during production, to becoming a fan movement that, let's be honest, even those in favor knew was a long shot, to becoming an actual project that is going to see the light of day sooner rather than later. It's a remarkable story. Somebody should write a book.

What's more, when fans finally see Zack Snyder's Justice League, it won't even be a two-hour film, but a four-episode limited series that will even include new content, as we know that reshoots are on the way to get the footage Zack Snyder needs to finish the project the way he wants to do it. And Joe Manganiello is ready for his close up. A shot of the actor popped up over the weekend that makes it clear he's getting prepped to return as Deathstroke for the new HBO Max series.

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The Instagram image came from Joe Manganiello's wife Sofia Vergara, who had some of her former Modern Family castmates over for dinner. And while fans of the series were certainly super excited to see them all together again, a lot of people were even more interested in Manganiello's amazing haircut. Especially with the mask on, many weren't even sure who they were looking at, commenting...

Who's the blond guy on the left?

Of course, a lot of people were very aware of who the blond guy was. While the hair color was not what we're used to seeing, he otherwise looked exactly like Joe Manganiello and that really could only mean one thing. As another commenter said quite simply...


While the hair cut certainly isn't identical to what we saw from Deathstroke in the post-credit scene of the original Justice League, basically all bets are off when it comes to that. While Joe Manganiello will still play Deathstroke in some capacity in the new Justice League, he could end up being a very different character than the one we saw him play in the theatrical version of Justice League. Still, fans are quite excited...

I think I see Slade Wilson in the house ??????????

A years-long campaign to release the "Snyder Cut" has in fact resulted in quite a bit more than that. We won't really be getting Zack Snyder's original plan for a theatrical film, but rather a multi-episode series of Justice League. To make this happen, Warner Bros. isn't simply spending money on finishing up incomplete digital effects, but will actually handle some additional photography, requiring basically everybody involved in the movie the first time around to get back into their superhero garb.

In his own way, Zack Snyder's influence can be seen in Sofia Vergara's photo, which is exactly how one fan put it...

Zack S. joined the family !Modern family 2.0 ! I do love a good mix and match specially around Halloween

Fans are certainly excited to see Deathstroke making a come back. We'll get to see what he's up to when Zack Snyder's Justice League hits HBO Max next year.

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