Clifford The Big Red Dog First Look Is Big, Red And Filled With Puppies

When we came into the year of 2020, one of the movies that was anticipated to debut in theaters around this time of year was the cinematic reboot of Scholastic’s Clifford The Big Red Dog. Unfortunately, instead of getting to see Norman Bridwell’s legendary canine on our screens this fall, we’re going to have to wait roughly an entire year for that film to release. But that hasn’t stopped Paramount from releasing their first look at the big red dog himself, with the help of an entire row of puppies to flank him.

On top of the release of their first teaser for Clifford The Big Red Dog, Paramount has also released details on the film’s story. And just as you’d expect, adventure is in the cards when young Emily Elizabeth (The Christmas Chronicles 2’s Darby Camp) sees her small red puppy turn into a massive creature of lovable proportions. New York City will be their playground, as she and her uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) are set to go on “an adventure that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat.”

Naturally, with this first look at Clifford The Big Red Dog having no plot points and all of the visual showmanship a movie like this almost always starts off with, people having a field days’ worth of opinions on Clifford’s big red look. And much like Sonic The Hedgehog, it looks like the voices of the public already have some very familiar knives out for the approach of exaggerated realism. Only this time, there’s a balance to the internet reaction, as some are defending this dapper doggo with daunting determination.

Much as Clifford The Big Red Dog promises a big red dog, some believe that the teaser above delivers on that very promise. There’s complaints, to be sure, but there’s also defenders on how director Walt Becker’s gargantuan canine looks in these early stages of promotion. As usual, this design could find itself fine-tuned before being released in its final form next November; though that would probably depend on how much of an uproar is made by the fans. In any case, let’s just hope that the results in Clifford’s big day out mirror the surprise success of Sonic The Hedgehog earlier this very year, delivering yet another friendly, feel good adventure to a world that really needs that sort of excitement.

Clifford The Big Red Dog will hopefully sit and stay in its current release date of November 5, 2021. But should he fetch another date to call his own, CinemaBlend will be here to break the news. And if you’re curious who else is set to make their theatrical debut around the same time as this legendary canine, you can take a look at the 2021 release schedule, and see who might have a ruff start in cinemas.

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