Happiest Season: Kristen Stewart And Mary Steenburgen Couldn't Get Work Done For The Cutest Reason

Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season

Christmas movies have a unique place in the film world, as each new year welcomes a slew of potential favorites that can be re-watched through the years. The streaming wars continue with Hulu's Happiest Season, which is currently available to stream. Clea Duvall's romantic comedy centers around a couple played by Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart, but it turns out that the latter star couldn't get through scenes with Elf actress Mary Steenburgen. And the story is thoroughly adorable.

When the couple of Happiest Season head home for the holidays, they enter the home of Ted and Tipper Caldwell played by Victor Garber and Mary Steenburgen respectively. The latter actress already has a Holiday movie under her belt thanks to Elf, and it seems like she had a great time working on the new romantic comedy. But there was one problem: she couldn't stop laughing when working on scenes opposite Kristen Stewart. As she explained to CinemaBlend's own Jeff McCob in the above video when speaking about the talent of the cast,

We literally did not get through a single scene that we had together without laughing. We just had the weirdest effect of we couldn't stop giggling and I would, you know, and I'm sure if I saw her today and we’d both just start laughing. But you wanted to work with every single person in it.

Well, that sounds like a great working environment. While it might have made the experience of shooting a bit longer in the process, this sense of joy and fun is sure to translate to the finished product of Happiest Season. Luckily moviegoers can see how that dynamic played out now as the movie just arrived for Hulu subscribers.

As Mary Steenburgen mentions, she was thrilled to join the impressive company of actors that Clea Duvall assembled for Happiest Season. Tons of familiar faces are feature in the new Christmas movie, including Mackenzie Davis, Victor Garber, Aubrey Plaza, Ana Gasteyer, and Dan Levy. But it was her special relationship with Kristen Stewart that singlehandedly ruined takes while filming Happiest Season.

The critical response for Happiest Season has been overwhelmingly positive, with Clea Duvall being praised for the film's mixture of hilarity and heart. The movie is also groundbreaking, as its the first Holiday romantic comedy of its kind to focus on a couple involving two women. And with LGBTQIA+ talent both in front and behind the camera, Happiest Season's very existence is a step forward in regards to onscreen inclusion.

Happiest Season was originally intended for a full theatrical release, but eventually found its way to audiences via Hulu. It's currently streaming now, in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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