Chris Evans Posts Video Playing Piano In Knives Out-Eque Sweater, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

Chris Evans in Knives Out

Chris Evans may no longer be playing Captain America, but he's still America's hero in a lot of ways. And honestly, it's difficult to argue with that. Evans is a stand up guy. He seems to legitimately care about the world around him and he looks great in sweaters. As I understand it he looks good out of sweaters. Also, as it turns out, he can play the piano pretty well. The actor recently dropped a clip of himself at the ivories in an Instagram story, and while the plan might have been for the clip to only be posted briefly, it, of course, is making the rounds through other social media.

It seems that Chris Evans is learning the piano, or at least learning to play one one of his favorite pieces, by the modern composer Fabrizio Paterlini. It's only a brief clip, so it's not like Chris Evan is Mozart or anything. Unless of course you think he is.

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Certainly, Chris Evans is putting a global pandemic to better use than a lot of us. If you're going to be stuck indoors so much of the time, you might as well put that timer to something that's fun if not useful. I understand for some people learning a musical instrument is fun. I don't really understand those people, it's always seemed like work whenever I've tried it, but then, I can't play and maybe that's why.

And if you're not a music lover, then you can at least enjoy the fact that Chris Evans has donned another glorious cable-knot sweater. The actor has previously said he's done wearing them, as following Knives Out, "Chris Evans in a sweater" sort of became a thig. But it seems he can't stay away from them, and really, he's just playing piano in his own home, so who's to know what he's wearing. Unless he broadcasts it on social media of course.

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And yes, Chris Evans playing music in a sweater looking all charming is certainly having a particular effect among some fans. It's not difficult to see why. He looks and sounds great here and as much fun as it all is, it does really look like it comes awfully easy to him doesn't it?

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In the end, the answer to the immortal question, "Is there anything Chris Evans can't do?" is, not yet. And luckily for the rest of us, he's willing to share his skills so that we can enjoy them.

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Perhaps Chris Evans can give us a rendition of the full piece once he's learned it. I'm sure there will be a lot of people interested in hearing that. Assuming we can hear the piano over the sound of Chris Evans being awesome.

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