Chris Evans And Olympian Aly Raisman Had An Adorable Pup Playdate Over The Weekend

It’s no secret that Chris Evans is fond of his dog. Dodger factors prominently in a lot of the Marvel actor's social media posts. Now that Olympian Aly Raisman has her own little pup Mylo, the two had a playdate for their canines, who seemed to love hanging out with one another. And there’s footage to boot.

Not content with sharing adorable photos of Mylo these days (though there are plenty of those on her social as well), the two-time Olympian and Dancing with the Stars competitor gave her fans some video footage predominantly featuring Chris Evans loving on her pup as he nestled into the actor's shoulder. I don’t know if I’m loving that or the fact that Chris Evans is channeling his inner Knives Out with that knit sweater here. (Amusingly, Evans said he was out on knits a few months back, but I suppose avoiding sweaters is more difficult when the weather is cold.)

Chris Evans shared a look at the time he spent with Aly Raisman and her dog on his own Instagram Stories as well, joking, “Too bad his charm didn’t work on me.” Raisman only recently adopted Mylo. Her dog was born on July 16 and she also told her followers that she rescued him from the Hearts of RI shelter at the end of October. He’s since been growing quickly. Chris Evans has had his dog Dodger for quite a bit longer; his pup was adopted back in 2015 and has been seen all over Evans' social media in the months since he joined.

In fact, Chris Evans even admitted to Jimmy Fallon that the reason he joined Instagram totally and unabashedly had to do with Dodger. The actor joined the social media site back in May, when quarantine was in full swing.

Yeah, I don’t know what it was. I don’t know. I guess I caved. I feel like such an old man. I’m so late to the party. You know what it is? I had too many good pictures of my dog. I was like these are being wasted on my phone. I gotta put these somewhere.

This weekend, the two dogs seemed to have quite the energy whilst playing with one another outside as well, and you can hear some chit chat between Chris Evans and Aly Raisman as their dogs play together. You can also hear Evans chiding his own (larger) dog to "be gentle." Chris Evans is a good dog dad, provided he's not in a situation where he's forced to groom his own dog, which did not go well earlier in 2020.

It’s unclear if Mylo and Dodger will have another playdate soon, but if so we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Aly Raisman’s the first lady Chris Evans has been spotted with since he spent some time with Cinderella actress Lily James. This was certainly a different kind of date, and one that animal lovers everywhere should appreciate.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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