Hugh Jackman Shared The Results Of His Polar Plunge, And I'm Cold Just Thinking About It

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

There are some things people do that I will never fully understand. Willing subjecting one's body to extreme cold is near the top of that list. And yet, there are people who, every year around this time, subject themselves to the "polar bear plunge" by intentional submerging themselves in a body of water when that water is really, really, really, cold. I've always been a fan of Hugh Jackman as a performer, but now I have to seriously question the sanity of the man, because he recently took the plunge himself, and now I need a hot cup of coffee in order to feel better.

Over the weekend Hugh Jackman decided to take the plunge, and he posted a pair of videos to Instagram for the event. The first is the "before" video, where we see Jackman on a beach before doing the deed. Even he seems unconvinced this whole thig is a good idea. And yet, that video is followed by one that makes it clear he went ahead and jumped in the ocean in December. He's clearly been refreshed and invigorated by going all the way. As far as I know he did not die of hypothermia just after the video ended. Check them both out below

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I need a hot shower now because seeing Hugh Jackman that cold now has me freezing as I type this. While I'm sure the extreme cold does get the heart racing and the blood pumping in a way that feels amazing, there has to be some way to accomplish this that doesn't result in shivering all the way down to your bones. Winter is uncomfortable enough without having to subject yourself to this on purpose. Furnaces were invented to prevent feeling like that.

Of course, Hugh Jackman seems to have decided this was a good thing. He wasn't sure going in but then decides that it makes "so much sense" after doing it. I may not agree, but if it works for Jackman, more power to him. And it is pretty impressive, I suppose. It takes a certain amount of courage to subject yourself to that experience willingly. There's a reason most of us wouldn't do that. What I consider insanity others could certainly see as bravery. Based on the comments to Hugh Jackman's videos there seem to be a lot of people who are more impressed than horrified by seeing the actor go for a swim in December.

And really after the year 2020 has been, there are certainly worse things that you could do to yourself than submerge yourself in ice cold water. Hugh Jackman was supposed to be performing on Broadway in The Music Man right now, but that's now been pushed off to 2022, so honestly, what else is the man going to do?

No word on if Ryan Reynolds plans to perform his own "polar bear plunge."

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