Watch Hugh Jackman Go Full Wolverine On Command

Hugh Jackman in X-Men: The Last Stand

Considering Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for 17 years (and some change), it’s easy to believe much of the character’s movements and traits are ingrained somewhere in his brain. In a video Jackman shared on social media, he was asked to show how to grunt and yell like Wolverine, and to no surprise, the actor can do it on command with ease. Check it out:

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I have to say, it’s always fun to get Wolverine pointers from the man himself. Admittedly, I’ve watched this Instagram video at least five times, just in awe at how easily Hugh Jackman slips into the character. It’s a true shame he’s hung up the adamantium claws.

Hugh Jackman truly seems to relish being known as Wolverine. He’s the kind of celebrity that isn’t bothered by it when fans ask him to do something the character would do. This became apparent when Hugh Jackman was performing music on a world tour, but took the time to make an epic Wolverine pose for a fan.

Of course, Hugh Jackman didn’t automatically slip into the character overnight. While his first appearance as Logan/Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s X-Men in 2000 is now the stuff of legend, at one time on set, he thought he might be fired after receiving some discouraging feedback.

On top of that, when offered the role, the studio asked Hugh Jackman if he could get in shape in three weeks. He admits now he might have over-promised on that. It actually took him six months to get into full shape. So, to get around that, they did a lot of shots from the shoulder up and shot Wolverine's intro scene in the fighting ring at the very end. Thankfully, they kept Jackman on board rather than find someone else to take over the role.

With every subsequent X-Men appearance, Hugh Jackman totally transformed for the role, becoming seemingly more ripped every time and finding new ways to play the grumpy, yet lovable character. It was this commitment and devotion to the role that really won over fans.

Yet, after such a long time playing the character, Hugh Jackman decided after Logan that he would call it quits. Considering his popularity, there’s little question he probably could have continued on for years and years, but he thought ending things with Logan was the right choice.

Now Hugh Jackman is going from being a superhero on the big screen to being a real hero by donating his time and energy at Share the Harvest Farm, an organization that sends fresh produce to those who need it most.

Since Hugh Jackman is giving free pointers on how to be Wolverine, hopefully he can step up and provide all the things he’s learned to the next Wolverine, whoever that turns out to be.

Jason Ingolfsland