Why Twilight Fans Are Living For Taylor Swift's Willow Music Video

Taylor Swift in Willow music video
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Today, the woman of the hour is Ms. Taylor Swift. Just five months after releasing a surprise album in quarantine called folklore, which was recently nominated for Album of the Year, the singer shocked fans yet again with evermore, her ninth studio album. The 15-track release is the sister album to folklore, offering fans more laidback and emotional tunes, many laced with fictional storylines for fans to decode. Though we weren’t expecting for evermore to reference Twilight too, right?

To accompany the release of the album, Taylor Swift released a music video for the first track on evermore called “willow.” It’s a mystical, romantic visual that features the artist being locked in a glass box and escaping into another world where she is part of some kind of summoning circle. It’s her outfit that has led Twilight fans to enter the chat. Check it out:

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In the second half of the music video, Taylor Swift suits up in a red velvet cape with a hood in a snowy wood, which is very reminiscent of the villain coven of vampires the Cullens and La Push wolfpack team up to fight against in Breaking Dawn Part 2. The Italian coven are a real buzzkill for Edward and Bella’s romance throughout the series as they plot to kill them and their child Renesmee at the end of the series. Taylor Swift’s “willow” look fits right into their army, as you can see:

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See her? This photoshop proves the point quite well because of how well she fits into this group shot of the Volturi. Some fans took the outfit as a way for the singer to show her secret love for the series, and well, who can blame her? She’s clearly had enough time to write two albums in 2020, so why not sneak in a read of Stephenie Meyers’ latest bestseller Midnight Sun, or rewatch the movies on Amazon Prime? It may have been unintentional, but the parallels are seriously there:

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The Twilight and the Taylor Swift generation are almost one and the same. Taylor Swift’s second studio album Fearless came out (which included her mega hit Love Story) just under two weeks before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson first debuted their roles in Twilight the same November. And now the artist is writing sad, woodsy melodies to an album called evermore? They are basically accompaniments to each other, as one fan points out:

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Evermore comes just a couple weeks after Taylor Swift released her Disney+ film folklore: the long pond studio sessions, and as the artist is in the middle of re-recording all her previous albums following an issue with her master rights. Maybe next will be a surprise Twilight movie with Taylor Swift doing the soundtrack? That’s where this is going, right? We'll keep you updated here on CinemaBlend.

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