Chris Hemsworth Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop His Feud With Ryan Reynolds

If we were to rank the driest-humored Marvel heroes, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth would be neck and neck. Both heartthrob actors love to turn on the charm and sarcastic lines in equal measure. Twelve MCU heroes have been going up against one another in the AGBO superhero fantasy football league to benefit charity for the past few months and, this week, the trash talk has been between Thor and Deadpool. And it’s brutal… and hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds enlisted his own mother, Tammy Reynolds, early this week to call Chris Hemsworth a “no-good asshat” among other fighting words, such as mistaking him for Chris Pine in Wonder Woman (because the best Chris argument will wear on). In response, Hemsworth has enlisted his “dad” to fire back, but it didn’t exactly have the same effect. Check it:

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Hey, he tried I guess? In the Instagram video taken on the set of sci-fi action movie Spiderhead, Chris Hemsworth teamed up with an apprehensive Dan Blacklock, a costume designer who has frequently worked on the MCU films, to trash talk Ryan Reynolds, but he had nothing but good things to say about the actor, even going as far to say Green Lantern is the “best movie ever.” So while Hemsworth tried, he may have pulled the Deadpool actor’s biggest fan. Oops! Tammy Reynolds was a lot more effective as you can see in the post that started this Hemsworth/Reynolds feud:

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She clearly doesn’t think these things about Chris Hemsworth, but it is funny to see these big names bring people close to them into the fight, instead of going for the trash talk themselves. For the fantasy football league, each MCU player is competing in their league in support of a charity of their choice. Ryan Reynolds is currently in the lead, with $130,000 up for grabs for Sick Kids Foundation, a children’s hospital in Toronto, Canada. Hemsworth is in third place, in support of the Australian Childhood Foundation.

The trash talking has been going on for months between a number of pairings within the MCU. While filming the upcoming Mission: Impossible films, Guardians of the Galaxy's Pom Klementieff went after Hemsworth by enlisting Simon Pegg to direct a French music video of her dissing the Thor star.

Shang-Chi star Simu Liu, who is currently in second place, made up a diss track for Ryan Reynolds back in November as well. Paul Rudd went after Robert Downey Jr., too, with an impressive music video where he played four parts in a rock band.

It’s moments like these that have us longing for the MCU’s Deadpool movie, which is reported to be in the works but was not spoken about during Disney’s huge onslaught of announcements this week. Chris Hemsworth will soon be shooting Thor: Love and Thunder ahead of the film’s expected release on May 6, 2022. Check out the full Marvel slate with CinemaBlend’s updated list.

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