Singer Sia Has Now Made Claims About Adultery And Shia LaBeouf

Professionally speaking, the last several years have been good to actor Shia LaBeouf thanks to movies like Honey Boy, The Peanut Butter Falcon and The Tax Collector. His personal life, on the other hand, now finds itself plagued in a new round of controversy. Last week, LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs, filed a lawsuit against him in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that LaBeouf had sexually and emotionally abused her while they were in a relationship. Now Sia, another professional singer, is also claiming that LaBeouf emotionally hurt her.

Taking to social media to share an article about FKA Twigs suing Shia LaBeouf, Sia delivered the following statement about what her time with Shia LaBeouf was like:

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For those who don’t know, in 2015, Shia LaBeouf starred in the music video for Sia’s “Elastic Heart” alongside dancer Maddie Ziegler. It’s unclear if that’s where LaBeouf and Sia first met or if they’d already spent some time with one another, but during this period, LaBeouf was dating Suspiria actress Mia Goth, while Sia was married to documentary filmmaker Erik Sanders Lang. LaBeouf and Goth married in late 2016 and were divorced towards the end of 2018, while Sia and Lang separated in late 2016.

Sia didn’t specify exactly when she and Shia LaBeouf were in a relationship, but evidently it was one based on dishonesty since LaBeouf was already romantically involved with someone else. As such, she’s making sure people know about how he allegedly treated her so they can avoid similar fates. Sia added in a follow-up tweet that she was “very proud” of FKA Twigs for speaking out against LaBeouf, calling her “courageous.”

As far as FKA Twig’s ties to Shia LaBeouf are concerned, the two performers dated following the latter’s separation from Mia Goth, although their time together clearly wasn’t pleasant. Among the things that FKA Twigs has accused LaBeouf of include sexual assault, battery, giving her a sexually transmitted disease and causing her emotional distress, such as fearing for her life when he slept with a gun by their bed. The singer also claims that LaBeouf once bragged about killing stray dogs to prepare for a role.

Shia LaBeouf has since responded to FKA Twigs’ lawsuit, saying that he has been “abusive” to himself and those around him for years, and that he’s “ashamed of that history” and sorry to those he hurt. However, in a separate conversation with The New York Times, LaBeouf said that “many of these allegations are not true.” LaBeouf also stated that he is currently sober and in a 12-step program.

We’ll have to wait and see how FKA Twigs’ lawsuit goes forward from here, as well as if Sia will make any addition statement about him, but LaBeouf has a history of erratic behavior. In 2015, when he was with Mia Goth, he was publicly seen reportedly threatening her while they were in Germany. LaBeouf has also been arrested multiple times over the years for things like disorderly conduct and public intoxication, and back in September, he was charged with misdemeanor battery and petty theft after getting into an altercation with a man in June.

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