Should Aubrey Plaza And Kristen Stewart Have Ended Up Together? Happiest Season Director Clea Duvall Has Thoughts

Spoilers ahead for Happiest Season on Hulu.

Holiday Movies have a unique place in the hearts of audiences, who tend to re-watch projects they love annually. A number of new movies arrived this year, including Hulu's Happiest Season. Directed by Clea Duvall, the romantic comedy focuses on a lesbian couple who face a variety of challenges when forced back in the closet for Christmas. And now Duvall has addressed fans who were hoping that Kristen Stewart's character would actually end up with Aubrey Plaza.

The central couple of Happiest Season are Abby and Harper played by Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis respectively. A number of holiday hi-jinx get in the way of their relationship including Harper's ex-girlfriend Riley (Aubrey Plaza). And while the couple stays together in the end, some audiences wanted to see Abby and Riley end up together. Clea Duvall recently responded to this, saying:

Yeah. I mean, listen: Aubrey is incredible. She’s incredible in general, and she was so fantastic in this film. I was so excited when she agreed to do it. And I was so excited when she was on set; I was so excited in the editing room. To be able to make a movie and put someone who I love and admire as much as I love and admire Aubrey into it — and then watch people fall in love with her — is so rewarding. I don’t blame them for loving her as much as they do.

At least Clea Duvall gets it. Because after working with Aubrey Plaza on Happiest Season, she understands why so many Hulu subscribers would want her ultra charming character Riley to end up with Kristen Stewart's Abby. But ultimately that's not the story that Duvall and writer/star Mary Holland were trying to tell.

Clea Duvall's comments to Variety shows how much the filmmaker and actress understands how the general public has received Happiest Season since arriving straight to homes. Aubrey Plaza has a special place in audience's hearts since her time on Parks and Recreation, and she was extremely likable in the new holiday rom-com. And with Harper's family issues putting a rut between she and Kristen Stewart's Abby, it looked like the latter character could end up with Riley.

Later in her same interview, Clea Duvall went on to explain why she's so pleased with the ongoing conversation surrounding Happiest Season and specifically its happy ending. The filmmaker went on to share her thoughts, saying:

And I think it’s also so cool to have a movie where people are having these conversations, and are having these debates. That people are engaged.

Given how much discussion about Happiest Season has happened online, Clea Duvall's romantic comedy has the potential to be re-watched by Hulu subscribers in future years. And while some of them will be sad that Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Stewart's characters didn't end up together, it's definitely an exciting moment in regards to onscreen representation that the movie was made at all.

Happiest Season is one of Hulu's biggest movie hits so far, and highlights intense the streaming wars are. While Netflix has produced a dizzying amount of projects, wins like Clea Duvall's movie show that Hulu is also methodically releasing movie content. And while it was originally supposed to hit theaters, a streaming release may have exposed even more people to the movie.

Happiest Season is currently streaming over on Hulu. Be sure to check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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