The Rock Shows Off Callused Hands In Reflective Post About His Career

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Luke Hobbs in Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has proved to be one of the hardest working stars in the entertainment industry. Any time you hear about the actor, TV host and producer, he seems to be working on some kind of project. And if not, you can probably find him in the gym working out, not letting cuts or scratches get in his way. This extreme work ethic is not only reflected through his body of work but also through the callouses on his hands. Though The Rock isn’t ashamed by their appearance and, as evidenced by a recent post, he takes pride in what they represent.

Dwayne Johnson recently posted a video of his calloused hands during what appeared to be an intense workout. The Rock didn’t hold back from really zooming in on his palms to give his followers an idea of the work he does. You can check them out in the Instagram clip below:

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While many prefer to keep their hands looking as pristine as possible, The Rock has no problem with his being a bit rough. As he explained in the post, he believes his scarred hands represent a firm promise on his part:

They might be hard on the eyes to look at and a bit jarring to the touch, but they tell the story of my life and it’s who I am — and when I look you in the eyes and shake your hand with these torn up suckers you can bet your hard earned dollar I’ll see my word through.

With so much work on his plate, The Rock is used to signing a lot of contracts. Though he doubled down on the fact that a handshake from him is what truly seals the deal:

Contracts and term sheets are binding (legally;) but the real code and binding agreement is our handshake. Eye to eye.

It’s honestly hard not to marvel at The Rock’s career. Although he was the son of wrestling legend Rocky Johnson, he still had to work his way up the ranks of the professional wrestling word. He would then venture further into the entertainment world as a movie star, which would open the door to hosting and producing positions.

At present, The Rock is continuing to film movies but also serves as a co-owner of the XFL. He’s also producing and starring in NBC’s Young Rock, a scripted dramedy that will depict his formative years.

It goes without saying that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a lot to be proud of it. It’s also good to see that the entertainer is fully grateful and cognizant of the hard work that it took to get him to where he is today. He definitely sets a high bar, one that should provide his many fans with plenty of motivation to reach their own goals.

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