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L.A. Deputy Caught Having Sex On The Universal Studios Lot

The Bates House in Psycho

I certainly would love to visit Universal Studios Hollywood right now. If the park was open then I would just love to get on the tram for the Backlot Tour, kick back, and enjoy the ride through movie history. However, some people apparently feel a bit more...passionately, about such things. An L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy has been relieved of duty pending an investigation after choosing the Universal Lot for a sexual escapade, which was accidently revealed thanks to an open mic.

I can only imagine that one of the members of the couple was a big movie fan, or that perhaps there was a feeling that, because Universal Studios Hollywood is closed, and has been since March, they would be undisturbed (though one assumes the working movie studio is not entirely vacant). That's the only reason that makes sense why the Universal lot was chosen. What's more, the act apparently took place near the Bates Motel, which is...not the most romantic place I can think of. Assuming the shark wasn't jumping out of the water every couple of minutes, I feel like the Jaws lagoon would actually be quite a nice place for a rendezvous.

Unfortunately, everybody now knows what the Sheriff's Deputy got up to on the lot because somehow the officer's radio was left open during the encounter, which means, yes, there's actual audio now floating around of what happened. TMZ has that audio, if you're so inclined. It's basically just a minute long clip of a woman moaning, occasionally interrupted by the dispatcher, politely trying to inform the officer that his radio is broadcasting to everybody.

The Universal Lot and Universal Studios Hollywood are in a unique place among movie studios and theme parks as the two locations are attached to each other and coexist together. The Bates Motel set from the movie Psycho is part of the Backlot Tour and while that particular set itself isn't generally used for filming of movie and TV productions anymore, other parts of the Backlot Tour are, meaning that it's at least possible that other people might have been in the vicinity. It's unclear exactly when this event took place, though one assumes it was late at night.

But again, I'm brought back to the idea of having sex within sight of the Bates House in the dark, which is just about the least amorous thing I can think of. Don't these people know that having sex is what gets you murdered in horror movies? Still, at least some people are having a good time at Universal Studios Hollywood. The rest of us, while almost certainly hoping for more PG fun, will have to wait until the theme park is allowed to reopen, which at this point is likely still months away.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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