America Chavez: Everything You Need To Know About The Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Character

America Chavez is Miss America
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If Marvel bringing Sam Raimi on as its new director was not enough to get you excited for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you should at least be impressed with the remarkable who’s who of characters expected to appear. Along with Benedict Cumberbatch returning in the title role is Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff, Rachel McAdams as Dr. Christine Palmer, and America Chavez - a name previously unfamiliar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but likely a source of excitement for many comic book fans.

It was announced earlier in December 2020 that 14-year-old actress Xochitl Gomez, known for Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club series, was cast as the young heroine otherwise known as Miss America for her MCU debut. Once the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel hits theaters on its expected date of March 25, 2022, the character will have been around for just a little more than a decade. That being said, there is plenty that the average moviegoer may not know about America Chavez that the devoted comic book fan does and, as any devoted comic book fan should know, there is a lot to learn about her.

While there is plenty of time to brush up on your knowledge of newer Marvel Comics characters before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness comes out, now is still as good as time as ever to prepare. Without further ado, the following is a list of five essential facts you should know about America Chavez, starting with the unusual world that she once called home.

America Chavez with her mothers in the Utopian Parallel

America Chavez Was Born In The Utopian Parallel

Created by writer Joe Casey and artist Drew Dragotta, America Chavez debuted in July 2011 in the first issue of Vengeance, which sees her join Teen Brigade… but more on that later. Eventually, it is revealed she comes from a dimension called the Utopian Parallel, which you could almost think of as Marvel’s own Themyscira for being entirely inhabited by women. It is also has no real perception of time and is ruled by the Demiurge - the sentient life-force which created it.

When America was just six years old (by human approximation), the Utopian Parallel was on the verge of destruction by the appearance of black holes pulling it in all different directions across the Multiverse. Fortunately, the young girl was able to escape the dimension before its demise and became its sole survivor, which she achieved by using one of her handiest superpowers.

America Chavez traveling

America Chavez Can Travel To Different Dimensions, Among Other Abilities

It is said that absorbing the magical presence of the Demiurge gave America Chavez her superpowers - including creating interdimensional portals - the key to her Utopian Parallel escape a clue as to how she may fit into the story of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Of course, she can do much more than that. In fact, she may even be able to do more than she realizes.

Among the additional abilities that America Chavez is currently aware that she has are flight, superhuman speed, super strength, complete invulnerability, and projecting devastating energy blasts. Her only known weakness is the demonic race called La Legion, which once invaded Fuertona - the planet she is a descendant of. She also has more humanly relatable abilities, such as speaking both English and Spanish, thanks to her cultural identity as a Latina.

America Chavez and her girlfriend Lisa Halloran

America Chavez Is A Teenage Latina And LGBTQ+ Icon

In only so much time since her debut, America Chavez is known as one of the more important newer Marvel characters in Marvel Comics for her cultural representation. Despite extra-dimensional origins, when she first came to Earth-616, she was taken in by a Puerto Rican family who informed her ethnic identity. Yet, she represents more than just race.

Her comic book introduction suggests her romantic ties to Teen Brigade co-leader, Ultimate Nullifier, but America Chavez would later admit that was mostly experimental. She now identifies as a lesbian who most notably shared a romance with Lisa Halloran - a former paramedic and colleague of Jane Foster who went on to join Damage Control. America has also been known to flirt with Kate Bishop, Clint Barton’s successor of the Hawkeye alias, while fighting together as part of the Young Avengers.

Miss America and the Young Avengers

America Chavez Has Joined Young Avengers And Other Superhero Teams

With Kate Bishop (played by Hailee Steinfeld) leading Hawkeye and America Chavez joining in, MCU might be form its own Young Avengers. However, this is far from the only superhero collective on Miss America she has proved her skills as a team player.

As previously mentioned, America Chavez first appeared as a new recruit of Teen Brigade before joining the Young Avengers, but would also become a member of the all-female A-Force - which was paid tribute to (or potentially teased for later) in the third act of Avengers: Endgame. She has even fought alongside alternate versions of the Avengers team as from various dimensions. That being said, the possibilities these powerful teen can bring to the MCU seem unlimited - such as a cameo by her Golden Age predecessor, perhaps?

Madeline Joyce as Miss America

America Chavez Is The Second To Use The Miss America Moniker

I would not describe America Chavez as a successor to anyone, given her unique origins, but her superhero alias is not entirely unique. The first Miss America (the alter ego of government agent Madeline Joyce) was created by Otto Binder and Al Gabriel in 1943. She practically served as a female answer to Captain America, with the patriotic costume and similar enhanced abilities (save self-propelled flight).

Passing the moniker to America Chavez seems like a natural transition. Not because of her first name, but what she represents about America itself as someone with great power and pride, not only for who she is now, but where she came before acquiring her freedom as citizen of the United States. She is just the character that comic book movie audiences need to look up to and at no better time than now.

What do you think? Does Xochitl Gomez have what it takes to be the next great role model for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Miss America? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on America Chavez, as well as even more inside look into the origins of your favorite comic book characters, here on CinemaBlend.

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