Taylor Swift Posted A Midsommar New Year’s Photo, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

Recording artist Taylor Swift is a bonafide superstar, with droves of devoted fans who follow every move she makes. As such, plenty of eyes were on how she might be celebrating the New Year, and she certainly didn't disappoint horror fans. Namely because Swift's New Year's Eve post included her dressed up as a character from A24's horror flick Midsommar. And the internet couldn't get enough of this bold way to send off 2020.

Midsommar made a serious splash in the film world last year, as filmmaker Ari Aster followed up the massive success of Hereditary with another grueling, emotional movie. The movie has since been the subject of countless memes, and even Taylor Swift has gone in the fun dressing up in a bear costume that seems to be referencing the film's final act. Check it out below.

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Same, though. Taylor Swift might be a celebrity, but her year has been weird just like the rest of us. While she was able to use her time in isolation to write two hit albums, Swift is ready to say goodbye to 2020. And she's doing so by referencing Midsommar's bleak but already iconic ending.

The above photo of Taylor Swift comes from her personal Twitter page. She's amassed a whopping 87.9 million followers, so this particular image was seen by eyes all around the world. In it she's wearing a bear onesie, and has a blank expression on her face. It's a cuddly version of the costume seen in Midsommar's final sequence. In it we see leading man Christian (Jack Reynor) burned alive while wearing the fur of a recently killed bear. That's one way to send 2020 off: in a blaze of vengeance.

Taylor Swift's post quickly went viral (as they're wont to do) and the responses were A+. Clearly the internet can't get enough, and a variety of funny responses and memes. One made the connection obvious, with a side-by-side of the Midsommar scene and Swift's fancy get up. Check it out below.

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Midsommar is well known by the film and horror communities, but it's more than possible that some of Taylor Swift's countless social media followers didn't catch A24's flick starring Florence Pugh. But the "Cardigan" singer was almost definitely making that exact reference, especially as we all watch 2020 finally hit the rear view.

And as many of Taylor Swfit's post do, a number of memes were created as a result of her Midsommar reference for New Year's Eve. One funny one pointed out how her caption could very well apply to the character Christian. After all, he didn't expect a vacation to result in murder, hallucinations, ritual sex, and eventually his own death.

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At the end of Midsommar, the images of Christian burning alive inside of a bear suit are paired with Florence Pugh's Dani as the May Queen. Dressed in flowers, Florence Pugh gives a stellar performance as her reaction changes from horror to joy, before the movie suddenly cuts to black. Some of the memes inspired by Taylor Swift's bear suit pair the singer with flower adored celebs like Harry Styles. This is made better since the two actors briefly dated years back. Check it out.

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Harry Styles is one of Taylor Swift's many celebrity ex-boyfriends, with the pair involved back in 2012-2013. So seeing them reunited in order to complete the Midsommar meme is no doubt particularly enjoyable for the droves of Swifties out there. But Styles isn't the only pop singer in flowers that was used to make meme fodder after Swift's bear costume made its way around the internet. Take a look at Justin Bieber added to the scene below.

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Could you imagine Midsommar 2 being a thing? Ari Aster likely has no interest in returning to the bright and bizarre world of his acclaimed 2019 horror entry, especially now that audiences understand how the Mayday ritual for the cult works. But if anyone can lead the cast and walk a day in Florence Pugh's shoes, its the dynamic duo of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. And if the Biebs ends up betraying her, he's proven that he's willing to say "Sorry."

Film fans are eager to see what director Ari Aster will bring with his next film project, given just how well received both Midsommar and Hereditary were. His next movie is titled Beau Is Afraid, and not much is known about its contents. But Aster was reportedly seeking out Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix for a role, which seems like a pairing cinephiles would dream of.

As for Taylor Swift, she was last scene in the infamous Cats movie, getting her own song in the third act. That movie is also been turned into countless memes, so Swift is probably used to that by now. We'll just have to see what comes for the singer in the New Year. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your next trips to the movies.

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