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Dylan O'Brien in Love and Monsters

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2020 was a wild year for theatrical releases that is going to take quite some time to fully recover from. One the one hand, the lack of theatrical releases last year means that all those delayed films will be delayed even further when it comes to their release on Blu-ray and DVD, which left 2020 a far different year than we expected.. However, with theaters closed, many films decided to go directly to video on demand platforms. Under the circumstances, this is great, as it gives people access to the same movies in the comfort of their own homes.

Exactly what the future has in store for home releases in 2021 is anybody's guess right now. But we'll keep things updated here with the news on the newest releases as they are announced.

Charlie Hunnan in Jungleland

January DVD And Blu-ray Releases

January is frequently a slow month for brand new movies in theaters but it's usually a big month for home releases as we see popular films from the late summer and early fall coming home. Unfortunately, because of the global pandemic, the theatrical release schedule wasn't everything we were hoping for, and that domino effect has continued to plague DVD releases. Having said that, there are still some interesting movies worthy of checking out that will arrive in January.

TV fans will have plenty o series to add to their collections, including Season 2 of Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone from CBS All Access, the final season of The 100, and the first season of the television adaptation of Snowpiercer. But it isn't all TV, there were some good movies that came out last year that may have flown under the radar due to everything that was going on, and might get a much better chance to be seen now, like Jungleland, with Charlin Hunnan, and Love and Monsters starring Dylan O'Brien. Checkout the full list of January releases below.

Week Of Tuesday January 5 DVD, Digital And Blu-ray Releases

Love And Monsters (2020) Starring Dylan O'Brien (order it here)
12 Hour Shift (2021) (order it here)
Mystery Road, Series 2 (order it here)
The 100: The Seventh And Final Season (order it here)

Week Of Tuesday January 12 DVD, Digital And Blu-ray Releases

Spell (2020) (order it here)
American Dream (order it here)
Jungleland (2020) - Starring Charlie Hunnan, Jack O'Connell (order it here)
Legacies: The Complete Second Season (order it here)
Lupin III: The First (order it here)
Manifest: The Complete Second Season (order it here)
Monsoon (2020) (order it here)
Skylines (order it here)
The Twilight Zone Season Two (2020) (order it here)

Week Of Tuesday January 19 DVD, Digital And Blu-ray Releases

The Kid Detective (2020) - Starring Adam Brody (order it here)
Always And Forever (2020) (order it here)
Dead Reckoning (2020) (order it here)
Dreamland (2020) - Starring Margot Robbie (order it here)
Hearts And Bones - Starring Hugo Weaving (order it here)
Max Cloud 2020) (order it here)
Miss Juneteenth (2020) (order it here)
Spiral (2020) (order it here)
The Cleansing Hour (2019) (order it here)
The Village in the Woods (order it here)
Wander (2020) - Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart (order it here)

Week Of Tuesday January 26 DVD, Digital And Blu-ray Releases

Come Play (2020) - Starring Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr. (order it here)
Synchronic (2019) - Starring Jamie Dornan, Anthony Mackie (order it here)
Fatman (2020) - Starring Mel Gibson (order it here)
Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021) (order it here)
Bordertown: Season 1
Born A Champion (2021) - Starring Dennis Quad, Sean Patrick Flannery (order it here)
Doom Patrol: Complete Second Season - Starring Brenden Fraser, Timothy Dalton (order it here)
Princess of the Row (2019) - Starring Martin Sheen
Snowpiercer: The Complete First Season - Starring Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs (order it here)
You: The Complete Second Season (order it here)

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