Tom Holland Is Doing Interviews Pantsless During The Pandemic And I Can’t Get Enough

The world of the pandemic has changed a lot of things. The way most of us live our lives on a daily basis has changed, perhaps in small ways, but perhaps in major ways. First and foremost, the situation has meant that many things that we all used to do in person are now being handled virtually, and that, in turn, has meant that wardrobe rules are significantly looser than they would normally be. So much so that even pants have become optional. We've heard -- and frequently seen--many celebrities (See: Alexandra Daddario) embrace the new no-pants lifestyle, and it turns out Tom Holland is one of the pantsless these days.

Tom Holland shared an image to his Instagram Stories which shows a side of the actor we rarely get to see. Holland has been doing a round of press interviews, however, like everything else, they're only being handled virtually. He's sitting in front of a computer talking to the various interviewers, but the angle is such that you can only see him from the middle of his chest and up. Turns out, if we rotate that camera a bit, we'd discover he's not wearing pants.

Tom Holland Instagram image

I think my favorite part of this is that, while Tom Holland is not wearing pants, he is wearing socks. You get the impression even he felt he was underdressed without pants, and decided that putting socks on made it all work. Although, you can see some non-carpeted floor in the image. Perhaps that's just too cold to walk around without socks. Going pantsless during the summer I can at least comprehend, but this time of year I feel like pants are a necessary defense against the weather. That's me though.

Tom Holland is far from the only person who has realized that pants are optional in the new world of Zoom meetings and virtual chats. We've seen many celebrities from Alexandra Daddario to Halle Berry just skipping pants entirely. I'm sure a lot of non-famous people are doing the same. Even if your job requires a lot of virtual meetings, as long as you never need to stand up, nobody would know if you're not wearing pants. But you still want to be careful. If you don't frame your camera just right you could end up giving the game away.

I hope nobody gets too used to not wearing pants everyday. At some point things are going to begin to shift back to something closer to what used to be normal. Odds are that we'll all need to be wearing pants again on a fairly regular basis. Then people like Tom Holland will only be able to look back at images like this, and a simpler time where things like pants were mere suggestions.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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