Jojo Siwa Shares First Pics With Girlfriend And Now I Just Miss Disney World

Jojo Siwa made some pretty big headlines recently when the popstar idolized by millions came out as gay. The response has been nearly universally positive and it's been absolutely heartwarming to see Siwa able to publicly embrace the person she really is. And now she's introduced that public to her girlfriend. Siwa shared some images to social media recently of the two together, which are just as adorable as you'd expect, but the pictures, taken during a recent theme park vacation to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, just have me missing the parks.

Jojo Siwa and family hit the parks back in December, and they were accompanied by Siwa's friend Kylie, who it turns out is actually her girlfriend. Siwa included some pictures of the pair together, and they're lovely, but I can't stop staring at the scenery and realize how great it would be to visit Disney World right now. Check out the pictures below.

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The first image is probably my favorite because it shows Jojo Siwa and company being led around by a Walt Disney World cast member, which is standard procedure when celebrities visit the park. To be fair, it isn't just that celebrities get special benefits, but they would sort of need them as one assumes a lot of people would get very excited if they noticed Jojo Siwa was in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with them. That whole social distancing thing would go right out the window. There's probably a larger percentage of Jojo Siwa fans at Disney World on any given day than in the general population.

And getting a castle picture with your loved ones is something that everybody does and so seeing these two getting theirs is really special. It's especially nice considering that when this picture was taken, it was really only special for them, as few if any others really knew what it meant. Now all her fans can enjoy the moment with them. Check out some more pictures from the trip from Siwa's Instagram below.

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Seeing Disney World now is just a little strange. Everything about the resort feels different even when you're just looking at pictures. You know exactly what you're looking at when you see everybody in the picture wearing masks. And it's nice to see them doing that, as not everybody does. Hopefully everybody had a great time at Disney World and, now that everybody involved is living their best life, hopefully they all continue to have nothing but happiness. Now I'm going to go book a trip to Disney World.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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