How JoJo Siwa Responded After Mad Mom Said Her Kid Could No Longer Be A Fan Of The LGBTQ Star

Dancer, actress, former Masked Singer contestant, and popular YouTube star JoJo Siwa recently made waves when she came out as a member of the LGBTQ community with a post on social media, and she received an outpouring of support and gratitude from people who were happy for her to share the news. Unfortunately, however, not everybody reacted in a positive way to Siwa coming out, but that clearly didn't dampen the young star's spirits.

In the comments on an Instagram video that saw JoJo Siwa repeat over and over again how happy she is with a big smile on her face, a mom posted the message that her daughter "will never watch you again," to which Siwa had a great response:


JoJo Siwa didn't clap back or exchange heated words with the angry mom, but shared a short message that made it clear she wasn't bothered by what the woman posted in the comments. Siwa's reaction isn't too surprising, considering the comment was on a 15-minute video of her reiterating over and over again how happy she is to have shared her truth. She first made her announcement on January 22 by posting an image of a shirt that her cousin gave her, with "BEST. GAY. COUSIN." printed on the front.

It's also worth noting that the supportive comments on her video vastly outnumber negative ones like what the angry mother posted. In fact, a whole lot of celebrities came out with comments as well, including Supergirl actress Chyler Leigh (whose character came out on the Arrowverse series), Jamie Lynn Spears, 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford, Jersey Shore's JWoww, and Scandal's Kerry Washington, with Washington posting some heart emojis to go with a touching message:

You know I adore you. I am sending you so much love. And gratitude. Your commitment to being authentically unapologetically and beautifully YOU is a gift to the world!

Instagram isn't the only platform where JoJo Siwa received messages of support that she clearly has taken to heart more than anything negative, as proven by some retweets on her Twitter account, including posts from the venerable Sir Ian McKellen, rapper Todrick Hall, internet personality Tana Mongeau, and -- believe it or not -- the official account for the band Smash Mouth. Siwa also retweeted a screenshot of her exchange with the mom who had declared that her daughter was done with Siwa:

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All things considered, JoJo Siwa seems to have no regrets about the decision to come out, and it seems that the vast majority of people support the decision she made to share her truth. Since she shared in the video that her cheeks hurt from smiling so much, we can only hope that her happiness continues after taking this brave step forward publicly.

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