Jurassic World: Dominion’s Jeff Goldblum And Sam Neill Shared Another Delightful Video Singing From The Set

Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill riding in a stormy Jeep

As the world awaits the fallout of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to be fully realized in next year’s Jurassic World: Dominion, those grueling final phases of post-production are underway. With the film wrapping production last fall, dear friends Jeff Goldblum (the human) and Sam Neill have more than likely returned home, separated until fate brings them together once more. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more of those delightful videos of the two singing from their time making Colin Trevorrow’s new sequel.

Dubbed the third in the series of “The Lost Goldblum Tapes,” Sam Neill has provided the world with yet another dose of joy that involves him and his Jurassic World: Dominion co-star plunking out a tune at the piano. With his trusty ukulele and Mr. Goldblum’s piano-playing skills at the ready, the pair set their musical minds to playing The Everly Brother’s hit “Bye Bye Love.” It went as charmingly well as you’d expect, as you can see in Sam Neill’s Instagram post holding all of the fun:

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Sometimes when you’re on the job in this crazy world, and you get a break from being chased around by dinosaurs, the best way to unwind is singing with a dear friend. Though it also doesn’t hurt to be these Jurassic World: Dominion co-stars, as Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum’s continued antics just seem to feed each other’s souls. Those coping skills probably are probably helping those two nutty funsters deal with the film’s bump into the 2022 schedule, as who can focus on an even longer wait for the return of the Jurassic World saga when you and your friend are trying to trick each other into saying that they’re old?

It’s all part of the magic that makes the Neill/Goldblum double act a constant delight to behold. No matter how many of these videos they’ve seemed to pull out of thin air, that old Jurassic magic puts its spell on those who choose to enjoy it. That chemistry is enough to lead fans to ask why this big Jurassic Park reunion hasn’t happened sooner, as well as whether or not we’ll see them together again past Jurassic World: Dominion. All questions could wait at this point, so long as the music keeps playing between Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum.

Just imagine if the two pals decided to start holding Zoom concerts throughout 2021. Jurassic World: Dominion would have a hybrid of promotional material and special features so potent, you could put the Indoraptor and the Indominous Rex in the backup band and they’d totally blend in. In the meantime, this year will provide plenty of cinematic delights to keep the memories of their dulcet tones from totally taking over our minds.

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