Despite Multiple Delays, No Time To Die Should Still Be A Box Office Smash

No Time To Die Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux having an emotional conversation

At the time of this writing, No Time To Die has endured five delays to its traditional theatrical release model. Most of those delays came from the unfortunate state of the theatrical market, in a world that’s still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. But no matter the cause, these delays have tarnished the excitement of some James Bond fans. And yet according to a recently interviewed box office analyst, No Time To Die should still be a box office smash.

The reasons for the fortunes of the 25th James Bond film still seeming rosy comes from Shawn Robbins, the analyst interviewed by Metro. As one would expect, a combination of people longing for nights out at the movies, and anticipation for Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007 are two key factors that work in No Time To Die’s favor. But, perhaps the most important caveat mentioned by Robbins is that this is the James Bond franchise we’re talking about here; and that brand has survived so many other shake ups in its long history.

It certainly helps to have a historical perspective in mind when talking about No Time To Die’s delayed opening. With October 8th, 2021 standing as the current drop date, the 007 franchise is coming close to the longest gap in its record books. But doesn’t look like it’ll eclipse the six year, five month wait between License To Kill and Goldeneye. Of course, that depends on what the rest of 2021 brings, but no matter the wait, there’s a lot to look forward to with No Time To Die. Which is good, considering a box office smash is exactly what needs to happen. After all, the $1 million per month price tag on this delay is raising the stakes with each tick of the clock.

Even if it wasn’t a historic event that saw Daniel Craig saying goodbye to the role that helped put him on the map, the story that’s been told in the Bond series since Casino Royale is coming to a close. So even from a storytelling platform, No Time To Die would have a lot of heat behind it because it’s finishing up a tale that has reintroduced James Bond to the masses. And at this point, everyone has to know how this particular story is going to end.

No Time To Die has seen more delays than most films could lay claim to, but it should only dull the excitement of those who are among the most impatient movie fans out there. Everyone else will probably keep waiting patiently for a premium theater experience, the scent of popcorn in the air, and Daniel Craig’s final gun barrel gracing the screen before them. Though should there have to be just one more push, let’s hope it’s a mercifully early 2022 release date. There’s already going to be quite a bit of competition with Mission: Impossible 7 quenching another flavor of espionage thirst in late 2021.

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