Mortal Kombat Producer Responds To Concerns Over Mileena’s Appearance

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Recently, the Mortal Kombat trailer dropped, and it melted quite a few minds in the process. But this is the age of the internet, and nothing is going to be revealed to universal acclaim; not even a Fatality soaked clip reel that looks pretty spectacular. In fact, one of the first sticking points for Simon McQuoid’s directorial debut is the fact that Mileena, played by Sisi Stringer, doesn’t look her normal toothsome self. So producer Todd Garner took a moment to respond to concerns over Mileena’s appearance, and his words are pretty assuring.

The scrum of fans reacting to the Mortal Kombat trailer isn't only those hoping that original techno banger theme song from the ‘90s would be present in some way. The question of why Mileena’s teeth didn’t look like they normally do, as well as why they didn’t extend as far along her face as we’re used to, were brought into the limelight. And as you’d expect, Todd Garner’s response on Twitter was short, sweet, and teasing as hell:

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It’s not crazy for fans to start noticing details such as Mileena’s Mortal Kombat teeth being absent, especially when the character is so well known. One of the big new character to 1993’s Mortal Kombat II, the inspiration for Sisi Stringer’s character was originally depicted with a mysterious mask. But as anyone who performed her classic Fatality would tell you, there was something hiding under that cloth, and it was a rather deadly surprise.

Now one could assume that either Mileena is going to go through some sort of transformation in Mortal Kombat to give her those teeth, or she’s hiding them for the time being. Either way, the new Warner Bros/New Line Cinema movie is definitely going more modern, by doing away with that facemask altogether. Take a look at how Mileena looks in the Mortal Kombat 11 game, as she’s pictured below, ready to tear apart Peter Weller’s Robocop. (DLC characters, man.)

Mortal Kombat 11 Mileena ready to bite into Robocop

Admittedly, this latest sneak peek at Mileena’s vicious look is a lot closer to the reality of her character than the Mortal Kombat teaser poster had indicated. From that image, you’d expect her to just have Joker style scars reminiscent to Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight look. But while the trailer has given us a closer look at what to expect in the finished product, it appears that Todd Garner believes fans should prepare themselves for some tricks up their favorite fighter’s cheekbones. So take another look at the Mortal Kombat trailer, and try to see if you can spot any further indicators of that surprise for yourself.

Mortal Kombat is preparing to make things deadly again on April 16th, and unless you’re headed to a theater, you’re going to want an HBO Max account to view it. So be sure to sign up for a subscription, as you’re not going to want to miss any of the bloody excitement. I mean, it does look like a movie fans can sink their teeth into.

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