James Bond: How You Can Get Paid To Watch All Of The 007 Movies Ahead Of No Time To Die

No Time To Die Daniel Craig stands sadly outside the train window

If you’re a fan of any long-running franchise like the James Bond movies, a staple of such fandom is the occasional marathon leading up to the release of the next entry. But since No Time To Die has been pushed back quite a few times, you 007 fans out there may have found your efforts going off the rails. That’s ok though, as a new opportunity will allow you to not only watch the entire series ahead of the 25th official Bond film, there’s a pretty awesome incentive being offered to get you to the finish line: $1000.

Much like other paid movie marathon opportunities we’ve seen popping up online, Nerd Bear is offering one lucky James Bond aficionado the chance to earn some operational funds that’ll make for one hell of a post-pandemic martini night. However, this is a mission that does come with some restrictions, as well as some additional perks. So pay attention to the details we’re about to lay down.

You’re going to have to watch all 24 007 entries, from Dr. No to Spectre in 30 days. Taking notes, and filling out some paperwork are also a part of the job at hand. So if you’re looking for a quick and leisurely catch-up session, then this isn’t the gig for you. But if you’re ready to dig into the finer points of all six cinematic James Bonds, then consider this op for your eyes only.

Don’t worry about whether you own the films or not, because should you be chosen for this James Bond marathon, you’ll also receive $100 to rent them through Prime Video. And as another thank you for a job well done, when No Time To Die heads to theaters this October, or whenever the final opening date may land, you’ll have a $50 AMC gift card to see it in style. Of course, everything but that $100 is contingent on you completing this task, should you choose to accept it.

Mixed spy metaphors aside, a chance to catch up on the entire 007 saga (with a cool $1000 in the balance) sounds so fun, you’d better have a good excuse to pass it up. So if you’re interested in taking on this 30-day challenge, you’d better apply as fast as possible; as the deadline is April 16th at 12 PM EST. It’s not like there isn’t enough time between now and October 8th’s debut of No Time To Die.

Though here’s a tip, should you be the selected participant: there’s 24 movies and 30 days to watch them. If you take it one a day, you can wrap with 6 days leftover. But should you fall behind, there’s always the weekend to make up for lost time, or gain ground for the road ahead. Good luck to all who apply, and be sure to send your Bond binge watching attire to the dry cleaners ahead of time, as there’s sure to be a rush.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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