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While video game movies haven’t had the greatest track record in Hollywood, studios are still keen on finding gaming franchises to adapt for the big screen. The last few years have seen releases like Tomb Raider, Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Mortal Kombat reboot, the Resident Evil reboot and Uncharted are arriving in the near future. But let’s also not forget about Borderlands, which has been in development since 2015 and has been making steady progress forward over the last year.

Horror heavyweight Eli Roth is directing the Borderlands movie and Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin is writing the script, so clearly there’s some major talent behind the cameras of this project. But who’s making up the on-camera talent for this film adaptation of the popular sci-fi, first-person shooter video game series from Gearbox Software and 2K Games? Let’s go over the actors who will star in Borderlands, starting with a man who knows his way around video game worlds: Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Kevin Hart

Back in the ‘90s, Jumanji was a mystical board game, but nowadays, it sucks its players into a video game realm. Kevin Hart has starred in the last two Jumanji movies, Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level, as the Franklin “Mouse” Finbar avatar, and Hart also collected some action-related experience on Central Intelligence and the upcoming The Man from Toronto. So Borderlands will be relatively familiar territory for him, although this adventure definitely won’t anywhere near as family-friendly as the recent Jumanji installments given that as of 2016, the plan was to make Borderlands R-rated. Hart has been cast as Roland, a skilled solider who used to serve the Crimson Lance, the private military of the Atlas Corporation.

Jack Black in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jack Black

Look at that, Borderlands is also serving as a Jumanji reunion! Jack Black also took part in Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level by playing the Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon avatar, and you might have also seen him in recent years starring in the Goosebumps movies or The House with a Clock in Its Walls, which was directed by Eli Roth. For Borderlands, Black will voice Claptrap, an overenthusiastic robot manufactured by the Hyperion corporation that’s been met with mixed reception by Borderlands players over the years, with many describing him as annoying. Still, it wouldn’t feel like a Borderlands story without Claptrap involved, so maybe Black’s performance might improve the character’s reputation.

Cate Blanchett in The House with a Clock in its Walls

Cate Blanchett

Borderlands has yet another reunion lined up, as Jack Black and director Eli Roth will be working their The House with a Clock in Its Walls collaborator Cate Blanchett. As far as major franchises go, Blanchett is best known for playing Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, Irina Spalko in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hela in Thor: Ragnarok and Lou in Ocean’s 8. Blanchett was the first actor to sign on for Borderlands; she’ll star as Lilith, a Siren thief who boasts incredible superpowers and is affiliated with the Crimson Raiders.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out

Jamie Lee Curtis

Following her reprisal of Laurie Strode in 2018’s Halloween and its upcoming two sequels, as well as her turn as Linda Drysdale-Thrombrey in Knives Out, Jamie Lee Curtis has boarded the Borderlands movie. She’ll take part in this video game adaptation as Dr. Patricia Tannis, an archaeologist specializing in Eridian artifacts and technology who provides missions to the players and assist the Vault Hunters. The official description for Curtis’ version of Tennis states that she may have the key to finding the sought-after vault containing priceless treasures on Pandora, but her complicated relationship with Cate Blanchett’s Lilith will cause problems.

Ariana Greenblatt in Love and Monsters

Ariana Greenblatt

She may be the youngest cast member in Borderlands, but Ariana Greenblatt has assembled an impressive filmography over the last half decade, from starring in the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle to playing Young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War and Minnow in Love and Monsters. For the video game movie, Greenblatt will play Tiny Tina, an unstable, teenaged explosives expert who’s seeking revenge against the man who sold her and her parents to be experimented on by the Hyperion corporation.

Florian Munteanu in Creed II

Florian Munteanu

Boxer Florian Munteanu made the jump to acting in 2018 playing Ivan Drago’s son, Viktor, in Creed II. We’ll next see him as Razor Fist in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and after that, Munteanu is delving into the Borderlands world as Krieg, who’s described by THR as “the musclebound, rhetorically challenged protector of Tiny Tina.” So expect Munteanu and Ariana Greenblatt to share a lot of screen time with each other.

Haley Bennett in The Girl on the Train

Haley Bennett

Unlike the other people who’ve been listed so far, Haley Bennett isn’t playing a character who originated from the Borderlands video games, but has instead been tapped for a brand-new role, per IGN. The only details that have been provided about this mysterious individual is that they’ll be "key to the past of Cate Blanchett’s character, Lilith." Bennett’s notable credits include The Equalizer, The Magnificent Seven, The Girl on the Train, The Devil All the Time and, most recently, Hillbilly Elegy.

Edgar Ramirez in The Last Days of American Crime

Edgar Ramirez

As if there wasn’t enough on Pandora to give Borderlands’ heroes trouble, there will also a villain further complicating things. Edgar Ramirez, who’s appeared in movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, Zero Dark Thirty and Bright, has been cast as Atlas, a business titan and arms manufacturer. With Atlas’ daughter missing on Pandora, Cate Blanchett’s Lilith is hired to retrieve the girl, who may hold they key to unimaginable power. Atlas already fits the antagonist mold by pitting so many parties against one another in the Borderlands universe, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Atlas isn’t so much concerned about his daughter’s well-being as wanting to obtain this mysterious power.

Olivier Richters bodybuilder

Olivier Richters

But wait, we’re not done talking about bad guys in Borderlands just yet. Olivier Ritchiers has been cast as Krom, the leader of the psycho bandits that rule Pandora, making it an even more chaotic environment. This is the latest high-profile project that Ritchiers, a pro bodybuilder, has lined up. He’s next appearing in the next MCU movie Black Widow, followed by The King’s Man, the Kingsman franchise’s World War I prequel. Ritchiers also scored a role in the Gareth Evans-created series Gangs of London, which is returning for a second season.

Janina Gavankar in Sleepy Hollow

Janina Gavankar

Here’s another actor joining Borderlands who won’t be playing an established character from the video games. Janina Gavankar has come aboard to play Commander Knoxx, although as of right now, it’s unclear where her allegiances lie. TV viewers might recognize Gavankar from shows like The League, True Blood, Sleepy Hollow, The Mysteries of Laura and The Morning Show, while on film, she’s popped up in Blindspotting and The Way Back.

Borderlands doesn’t have an official release date yet, but filming is expected to begin mid-April in Hungary. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more casting news concerning the video game movie and any other major updates.

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