Borderlands Movie: Release Date, Cast, Story, And Other Things We Know About The Upcoming Video Game Adaptation

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If you’re interested in the Borderlands movie, here is what we know so far. 

There ain't no rest for the wicked. It was only a matter of time before Borderlands found its way onto the big screen. Gearbox Software's space-western sci-fi shooter game was ripe for a bonkers movie adaptation, and we'll soon get it from director Eli Roth

With an all-star cast — including Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, and Jamie Lee Curtis — attached for this out-of-this-world ride, Borderlands has the potential to be an excellent video game adaptation. That being said, here's what we know about Eli Roth's Borderlands.

What Is The Borderlands Release Date?

Cate Blanchett in Borderlands.

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Get ready, because Borderlands is releasing on August 9, 2024, according to Deadline. The movie was originally talked about almost eight years ago in 2015, and now, it finally has a release date. 

This is major news. We can at least look forward to Borderlands appearing on our 2024 movie schedule and counting down the days. 

Check Out The Crazy Borderlands Trailer

If you were expecting to see a trailer that is filled to the brim with intense action, then Borderlands is the one for you. The trailer was released on YouTube and it’s probably one of the craziest ones you’ve ever seen, featuring our first real look at the characters.

Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Hart And More Star

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If you’re wondering who is going to star in the Borderlands cast, here is what we know:

Cate Blanchett as Lilith

Cate Blanchett is set to star in the upcoming film, which was announced in May 2020. The actress and Eli Roth made for an unlikely pair when they teamed up for 2018's The House with a Clock in its Walls, and now they are reuniting with this film. She will play Lilith, also known as "The Siren." She's one of only six of her kind, though she's only playable in the original Borderlands

Blanchett has appeared in a variety of films, including Carol, Thor: Ragnarok and many others.  

Jack Black as Claptrap

In addition to Cate Blanchett reuniting with her House with a Clock in Its Walls director, Jack Black is also set to collaborate with Eli Roth once more in Borderlands. He'll play arguably the game's most endearing character: Claptrap, the sarcastic robot sidekick.

Black is a comedic actor who has voiced the lead in the Kung Fu Panda franchise, as well as starred in movies like Nacho Libre and School of Rock.  

Kevin Hart as Roland

In the role of Roland is Kevin Hart, who previously worked with Jack Black in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level. The actor has recently worked on a comedy tour, and appeared in the film Lift. 

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Patricia Tannis

Furthermore, filling in the role of Tannis is none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Jamie Lee Curtis were all announced in early 2021, and the casting announcements kept coming. 

Curtis won an Academy Award for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, and is known to be a certified scream queen from the Halloween franchise. She appeared in Haunted Mansion in 2023. 

Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina

The Hollywood Reporter announced in March 2021 that Ariana Greenblatt signed on to the movie to play Tiny Tina, another notable character from the game series, and who received her own spin-off game in 2022. 

The actress even posted a picture of her character on the poster for her fans to see on Instagram in February 2024, showing her excitement: 

Greenblatt was seen most recently in Ahsoka and as part of the Barbie cast. She spoke about working on the film in March 2023 to Screenrant, saying that fans of the franchise could expect “a lot of laughs” and that it’s so much fun:

Yeah, the fans can expect a lot of laughs. Borderlands is a big joyride of laughter and explosions and confusion and Kevin Hart yelling at me, and just a lot of situations like that. We have Cate Blancett and Jamie Lee Curtis; an incredible cast that I’m so happy I got to work with. Borderlands is so fun, and I feel like you can watch it a thousand times over and find something new every time. Tiny Tina was really important to me because, obviously, she is a beloved character in the video game. But I was like, “How can I take this girl and make her mine? What can I do?” I have my own little flares of Tiny Tina, but I kept her core loving personality traits [from] the video game.

Seeing as how Tiny Tina was even given a spinoff game, you know her character is essential to the movie. 

Florian Munteanu as Krieg

Also announced by The Hollywood Reporter in mid-March 2021 was that Florian Munteanu signed on to the film, where he will play Krieg, the protector of Tiny Tina. 

The actor has appeared in Creed II, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and more.  

Edgar Ramirez as Atlas

In April 2021, it was reported by Deadline that Edgar Ramirez is going to play Atlas. 

The actor has appeared in The Bourne Ultimatum, Zero Dark Thirty, Hands of Stone and more. 

Gina Gershon as Mad Moxxi

Deadline reported in late April 2021 that Gina Gershon had signed on to play Mad Moxxi in the Borderlands movie, a known character to many fans of the game. She’s appeared in movies such as Face/Off, House of Versace, The Insider, Red Heat, and more. 

Additional Cast Members For Borderlands

According to Deadline in mid-March 2021, Haley Bennett (Cyrano) is also set to star in the film, where she will play a new role that is apparently connected to Lilith’s past.

Announced by IGN in early-April 2021 was Krom’s casting, who will be played by Olivier Richters, a Dutch bodybuilder. Janina Gavankar (The L Word) was also cast in the film, according to Deadline in mid-April 2021, and will play Commander Knoxx. That Deadline article regarding Gershon also noted that Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story) signed on to the film in late-April 2021, and will play Jakobs. 

The same Deadline article revealed casting details for Hammerlock, Marcus, Scooter and Ellie. They will be played by Charles Babalola (Black Mirror), Benjamin Byron Davis (Fright Krewe), Steven Boyer (Love Life) and Ryann Redmond (A Good Person). Also, Bobby Lee (Magnum P.I.) will play Larry, a new role. 

Talk about an intense cast list, but I have a feeling this ensemble is about to blow the minds of every person watching.  

The Film Will Follow Several Well-Known Characters On A Quest To Find A Missing Girl

Ariana Greenblatt in Borderlands.

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Notably, Eli Roth's Borderlands will focus on Lilith, who was typically a secondary character, rather than the other assorted personalities we follow throughout the Gearbox Software game series. Even so, the character was a big fan-favorite, so having her be center-stage isn’t that surprising. 

As for the story, Borderlands is going to follow Lilith when she returns to her home planet in order to find the missing daughter of a powerful leader. In order to do so, she forms a team of unlikely allies to go on a journey that takes them across the universe, fighting aliens and bad guys, all to find this one girl who could end up changing their lives forever. 

An executive producer for the film, Randy Pitchford, actually spoke with IGN in February 2024 when asked about the official story revealed in the trailer and how the vibes were very similar to that of Guardians of the Galaxy. Pitchford actually revealed that the film was being worked on at the same time as this one, which is why they might feel similar and that there was “mutual influence:” 

It's funny, we started this process before Guardians, the films were made. And I actually did a thing once with James Gunn who wrote and directed the Guardians movies. And I don't want to take him out of turn, but he knew about Borderlands. So I think there's actually probably mutual influence and I think that's awesome. I think the fact that that worked because I freaking love that movie and I love his tone and I love his vibe, and to whatever extent Borderlands made that easier to do there and kind of helped that, I think the fact that Guardians was successful made this even easier to get behind and do. But I will say I don't think James' goal was to make Guardians like Borderlands. And I don't think Borderlands' goal is to make Borderlands like Guardians.

Either way, I’ll still be sitting down to watch this movie because it sounds like a heck of a fun time. 

Eli Roth Directed The Film

Cate Blanchett in Borderlands.

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It’s confirmed that Eli Roth directed the Borderlands film. Roth has made a lot of noise with some of his movies, such as 2013's The Green Inferno, as well as Knock Knock, Death Wish, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, and more, but Borderlands will be a major movie with its ensemble cast.

This will unquestionably be one of his biggest movies yet — if not his biggest. 

Craig Mazin Was Credited As A Writer, But Has Been Replaced By “Joe Crombie”

Fighters in Borderlands.

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Okay, so this is where things are a little tricky. For a long time, Craig Mazin, known for creating Chernobyl on HBO as well as the 2023 hit, The Last of Us, was credited as a writer on Borderlands. It was announced back in February 2020, according to Deadline, and still on the press site by about mid-way through 2023 that he is credited as a writer. 

However, in July 2023, according to World of Reel, Mazin’s name was taken off the project, and replaced by the name “Joe Crombie.” The article stated that it was a pseudonym, but Variety reported that same month that Mazin denied this, saying that he is “not a credited writer” on the film whatsoever and that the pseudonym is not his:

I am not a credited writer on the film, so I cannot claim any kind of authorship of ‘Borderlands,’ much less ‘co-writing.’ I did see the report about the pseudonym, which is false. I did not use a pseudonym. If the name in question is indeed a pseudonym, all I can say is…it’s not mine.

Yes, I am just as confused as you are. It’s obvious that the Borderlands movie finished filming, so someone must have written the movie. Mazin’s name is also removed from the directory of the film for the Writer’s Guild of America, again replaced by Joe Crombie. 

Another thing to point out is that on the official Borderlands website, Crombie also shows up in the credits, alongside Eli Roth’s name as the screenwriters who really know what’s going on, but maybe we’ll have this be cleared up as the movie comes closer. 

The Movie Does Not Have An Official MPA Rating Yet

Claptrap voiced by Jack Black in Borderlands.

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As of March 2024 , there is no official word on what the MPA rating is going to be on Borderlands, but there have been rumors that it could be R. 

With its intense violence, crass humor, dystopian themes, and strong language, among other adult content, Borderlands, the video game, most assuredly earns its M rating. In 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the plan was to make a hard-R movie based on the popular video game series. 

This news did come out before Roth entered the director’s chair, but he’s made several movies that have all carried an R rating. With the noted exception of The House with a Clock in its Walls, every movie that Eli Roth has directed has been R-rated. Thus, it wouldn't be shocking if Borderlands was only intended for adult audiences. 

Again, nothing is confirmed, but it is something to think about. 

What are you the most excited for when it comes to Borderlands? There are so many other great video game adaptations out there, and hopefully, this one ends up joining that list. 

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