Sara Gilbert On Sharing Her First Girl Kiss With Drew Barrymore

Sara Gilbert in The Conners

For decades, Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore have been two of Hollywood’s most reliable and multifaceted talents. In recent years, the actresses’ careers have run parallel with each other. But the two first crossed paths on the cult classic Poison Ivy. And Gilbert recently opened up about Barrymore being her first kiss with a girl.

Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore shared the intimate moment while filming the 1992 classic erotic thriller. This was way before Gilbert had come out of the closet, and actually represents something significant in her queer journey. The actors revealed the special moment while playing a trivia game on The Drew Barrymore Show. Upon returning from a commercial break, Gilbert stated:

My first girl kiss was with Drew. I’m not one to kiss and tell, but I have to say, now I’m going to blush. Drew was the coolest person that I ever met. And that’s what happened.

The cherry on top was Drew Barrymore telling Sara Gilbert she was the best girl kiss Barrymore ever had. They even talked about “practicing” for the infamous scene in Barrymore’s trailer. Their smiles and jokes seemed to hint at more, while they remembered the younger, wilder years. The former child actors spilled more secrets from the set, even talking about Barrymore’s driving skills. As Gilbert mentioned in the interview, Barrymore’s actions on and off set matched the “wild child” image the tabloids had cultivated at that time.

The kiss between Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore was a huge moment, especially for Gilbert. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gilbert was a sitcom darling as Darlene Conner on the ABC hit Roseanne. This film was a huge departure from the moody Darlene to innocent and shy Sylvie. The moment truly stood out as the actress was just coming to terms with her sexuality at the time. She kept her orientation private for years until officially coming out as a lesbian in 2010. So, her kiss with Barrymore came at a crucial time in her life.

The kiss between Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore wasn’t just a moment for Gilbert but Barrymore as well. The sexually charged Poison Ivy fit right in with Barrymore’s early 1990s image. The role served as a transition moment for the actress after being one of Hollywood’s top child stars for years. Around the same time, there were other moments such as her flashing David Letterman and her Playboy pictorial, that fed her public image. But eventually, wild child Barrymore gave way to a successful career as a top star and producer.

Given both women’s legacy in Hollywood, watching Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore reminisce over the kiss was like seeing two old friends catching up. The conversation proved just how much they have grown since doing the cult classic. Hopefully, Gilbert and Barrymore will be able to share more stories from their past in the future. To see more moments such as this, you can catch The Drew Barrymore Show in syndication as well as on YouTube.

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