First Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer Shows LeBron James Mixing It Up With The Looney Tunes And Countless Warner Bros. Characters

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There were some that laughed at the idea of a Space Jam sequel, but there were also those true believers who thought that the idea was just waiting for the right time to happen. Apparently, that time was 25 years after Michael Jordan first hit the cinematic court, as Space Jam: A New Legacy is ready to bring basketball back together with the Looney Tunes. This time, things are a little different, as NBA icon LeBron James is the MVP enlisted, and the stakes are a bit higher. And not only is James mixing up with Looney Tunes, he's crossing paths with all kinds of Warner Bros. characters.

The first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy sees LeBron James and his son magically transported into the ServerVerse, controlled by Don Cheadle's seemingly omnipotent Al-G Rhythm. Unfortunately for James, the virtual villain nabs his son and challenges him to a basketball game before dumping him with rejected characters. This sends James down a rabbit hole of sorts, which causes him to meet up with the classic, lovable Looney Tunes characters.

Fans also get a look at an animated LeBron James, which is a treatment that Michael Jordan didn't even get in the original film. James, of course, resolves to team up with the Looney Tunes to assemble a team that features classic WB characters, ranging from King Kong to the Iron Giant. And as you would imagine, the results look as madcap and fun as you would imagine. The trailer also shows off the film's over-the-top villains known as the Goon Squad, and they would absolutely strike fear into even the Monstars.

The film definitely seems to be amping things up when it comes to spectacle, as the fateful basketball is a sight to behold. What's also impressive is the sheer amount of properties and franchises that will be referenced throughout the film. The trailer shows off Hanna-Barbera characters like The Flinstones, Yogi Bear and Jabberjaw, but the final basketball game will be attended by hundreds of iconic faces, with Pennywise, The Wizard of Oz's flying monkeys and the Mask as only a few of the faces you can glimpse.

But amid the flashy visuals, the film does seem to be doing its best to hold on to the spirit of the original 1996 film by giving fans the same Looney Tunes fun. The interactions between LeBron James, Bugs and Lola Bunny, Tweety and the gang should provide some real humor and heart for the sequel.

Space Jam: A New Legacy will try to win over new fans, as well as bring old timers back to the slam and/or jam, when it debuts on July 16th. And much as Warner Bros will be doing throughout the rest of 2021, you’ll be able to catch the action in theaters, as well as on HBO Max for the first 30 days of release. So make sure you’ve checked out the special pre-paid subscription offer, if you’re more interested in sitting on the bench for this one.

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