Tom Holland Reveals What Drives Him Nuts About Spider-Man's Director But Will Also Make Him 'Rich'

Tom Holland looking like a punk in Spider-Man Homecoming

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Tom Holland has had a massive year with more upcoming movies on the way. Despite there being a lockdown followed by a dearth of theatrical releases, Holland has had three major movies come out during the pandemic in Chaos Walking, Cherry and The Devil All The Time. He also only recently wrapped on Spider-man: No Way Home, which means there's more on the way. Ahead of the upcoming Sony and Marvel film's release, the actor shared one detail about filming that movie that involves director John Watts and a jar of money.

Speaking as part of the promotion for his Netflix film Cherry, Tom Holland also shared some fun Spider-man set stories with British GQ including things like what it’s like to cry on command and more. He also shared one gem about filming that gives a really fun picture of what it is like to be on set with Jon Watts. Apparently the director it a fan of calling “one more take,” but according to the actor he’s often full of it when he makes that call. He also jokes about why Watts’ penchant for calling more takes is going to make him “rich.”

I have this thing with Jon Watts, whose the director of Spider-Man, I love him to bits, I absolutely love him. I’d do anything for him. But the one thing he does that drives me mental is he always says, ‘One more.’ But he never does one more. He’ll do like 10 more. So, now we have a jar. And every time he says one more and he does more than one more, he’s got to put five bucks in the jar. And let me tell you, I’m going to be rich.

The whole thing is really funny, both from a standpoint of Jon Watts wanting to get the perfect shot and from Tom Holland basically instituting a swear jar system in order to limit the number of time Watts fakes him out about when they’ll be done shooting a scene. It’s worth noting that his ‘rich’ comment is him being a jokester. If anything, Tom Holland’s current career in the MCU and his penchant for taking a lot of gigs in a given year is going to actually make him rich.

Still, the jar story is still a funny one and one I hadn’t heard about the making of Sony’s Spider-Man movies before. We have, however, heard a few things about the filming of the upcoming third movie in Tom Holland’s solo outings as Peter Parker. The recently retitled Spider-Man: No Way Home wrapped filming at the very tail end of last month, but prior to that Holland was pretty good about teasing what is to come.

He’s explained how his brother landed a gig in No Way Home and has also shared details about at least one emotional scene that will be on the way in the third installation of the movie. Without sharing major plot details, he’s also talked accidents on set and whether his Spider-man mask counts as PPE protection. There’s a lot of speculation about the movie outside of what Tom Holland has actually shared about the filming experience and you can check it out with our full guide to what we know about Spider-Man: No Way Home.

At the end of the day, in general it sounds like Tom Holland, his co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, and Jon Watts pal around on set -- most of the time -- but I’m still happy the jar story is now out there. It also makes me wonder if Watts sacrifices the occasional five-dollar bill just to irritate his friendly neighborhood Spider-man. I can’t prove it or anything, but with the ribbing and pranking they seem to enjoy, I’d certainly pay $5 bucks to find out.

Jessica Rawden
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