Tom Holland Reveals Funny Problem With Filming Spider-Man 3 Scenes With Zendaya And Jacob Batalon

Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man

Tom Holland has been our newest Spider-Man for roughly five years now, and the 24-year-old actor is still having tons of fun in his dream role. The young actor is currently shooting the third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man trilogy alongside Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, who are Tom Holland’s on-screen pals. When the three actors are together, apparently it’s all fun and games on set. This playful relationship between co-stars sure allows for great chemistry between characters, but it may be less than ideal for Spider-Man director Jon Watts, who still has to direct the three through their antics.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Tom Holland shared what it is like working on the set of the newest and third (believe it or not!) Spider-Man movie, which is yet to be titled. When asked about the most fun he has had on set, Holland says that working with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon takes the cake. In the actor’s own words:

I’m so lucky that I love what I do, and I love the people I get to do it with. But whenever I’m with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon on Spider-Man, we always have so much fun. Poor Jon Watts, because trying to direct the three of us together is like pulling teeth. If Jacob’s not joking around, Zendaya is. If she’s not making a joke, I am. We’re shooting the third film now, and being back together with the gang is just amazing.

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon are all around the same age and have now been working together through three movies, so it’s natural they would form a bond with one another. It’s just unfortunate for some of the crew that their bond may be one that’s tough to get work done while around. We can only hope that some of that bond and fun translate into the final film, however.

The three friends portray teenagers in the Spider-Man trilogy, but are themselves working to break free of their young reputations, at least on-screen. Tom Holland portrays a former medic-turned-bank-robber tackling his PTSD and drug use in Cherry, coming to theaters and Apple TV+ in just a few weeks. He also has the role of Nathan Drake announced in the film adaptation of the video game Uncharted and played alongside Robert Pattinson in the gritty The Devil All the Time.

Zendaya is also making huge leaps in her career with more mature roles. She recently appeared opposite John David Washington in Malcolm & Marie. She’s seen success with her HBO series Euphoria, and has the role of Chani in the upcoming Dune adaptation. Jacob Batalon has switched things up and tried his hand at horror with a role in the Colorado story of 50 States of Fright.

Even though the Spider-Man stars are breaking away from the kind of part they play in the franchise, it hasn’t seemed to affect the youthful playfulness that they have when brought back together for another Sony and MCU project. And while we love hearing the cast has such a tight bond with each other, it sounds like Jon Watts sure has his work cut out for him when directing the three friends.

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