Kevin Costner Shares Touching Post After Yellowstone Fans Get Re-Excited About One Of His Most Famous Movies Thanks To Netflix

After decades of success acting on the big screen, Kevin Costner has moved into a new era of his career finding excellent success on television. The series Yellowstone has developed a huge following ever since 2018 when it first premiered on the Paramount Network, and it has provided the Academy Award winner with a whole new generation of admirers. Of course, one of the perks of that particular circumstance is that Yellowstone fans have had the opportunity to discover Costner's past movie work, and that seems to be happening now that Dances With Wolves is available on Netflix.

Apparently a significant number of people have been reaching out to Kevin Costner ever since the Oscar-winning film arrived on the streaming service, and he recognized the recognition with a post on his personal Instagram account. You can check out his slideshow of stills and behind-the-scenes photos, as well as his caption, below!

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It's not exactly hard to decipher why Kevin Costner has such a fondness for Dances With Wolves. Not only is it one of his most acclaimed movies, winning a grand total of seven Academy Awards in 1991, but it was also the actor's directorial debut. Because it is part of the exclusive club of Best Picture winners, it's a film that will always stand out as a part of cinema history, but what's only ever going to enhance its stature is being made widely and easily available, and now it is as part of the world's most popular streaming service.

Based on the book of the same name by Michael Blake (the author wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay himself), Dances With Wolves tells the story of 1st Lieutenant John J. Dunbar (Kevin Costner), an officer fighting in the American Civil War. While working to re-establish a fort in the western frontier he establishes a relationship with a local Sioux tribe, but that relationship becomes fraught with conflict as tensions between soldiers and Native Americans in the area escalate.

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Made for just a reported $22 million, Dances With Wolves was not just successful as a prestige movie, but it was also a huge blockbuster. In 1990 it was the third biggest hit of the year, behind only Home Alone and Ghost – and ahead of Pretty Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Hunt For Red October (which, funny enough Costner turned down). Basically a whole generation of people watched the film when it first came out, and now a brand new one is getting the chance (albeit a slightly lesser one because it's not being seen on the big screen).

If you haven't seen Dances With Wolves and you have a Netflix account, your opportunity to watch awaits you... and the same is true if you have Amazon Prime, as it is available there too. And if you haven't checked out Kevin Costner's most recent small screen work, you can always stream Yellowstone on Peacock as well.

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