How To Watch Yellowstone Streaming

For the better part of the past half-decade, few shows have been as popular as Yellowstone. But after five seasons, countless shocking moments, and so many cliffhangers, Taylor Sheridan’s sprawling neo-Western drama starring Kevin Costner as the head of the Dutton family ranch (and later Governor of Montana) will soon be coming to an end.

But while we wait to see how things wrap up for the Duttons during Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2, some of us could use a trip down memory lane and retrace our steps to see how we got to this point. And honestly, it’s never been easier to sit back and watch a marathon of the series up to this point, as well as its various spinoffs and Sheridan’s other shows.

Here is everything you need to know to watch Yellowstone streaming… 

How To Watch Yellowstone Season 5

If you missed the first half of Yellowstone Season 5 when the show premiered on the Paramount Network in late 2022, and you haven’t gotten around to watching it since, you’re in for good news, as the episodes will soon be available on Peacock. On Thursday, May 25th, the first half of the season was added for anyone with a Peacock Premium subscription, which has been the go-to way to watch the first four seasons for a couple of years now.

But if you don’t have access to Peacock, or you simply prefer owning your shows, you can do just that on Amazon Prime. The first half of Yellowstone Season 5 is currently available as a digital purchase, either as individual episodes or as one chunk, the latter of which grants you access to new episodes as they air. You can also purchase the first eight episodes on Blu-ray on Amazon as well.

Stream Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 on Peacock.
Buy Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 on Amazon.
Get it on Blu-ray on Amazon.

How To Stream Yellowstone Seasons 1 - 4

There are multiple ways to get caught up with the first four seasons of Yellowstone before diving into the front half of the show’s final chapter. The easiest way is to stream all available episodes on Peacock (just like Yellowstone Season 5 up above), which allows you to kick off one hell of a marathon as you spend dozens of hours with the Duttons, their closest friends, and most-hated enemies.

But if you don’t want to check out the show outside of Peacock, every episode is available both digitally and physically on Amazon. You can purchase the episodes individually and watch on Prime Video, or you can pick up the massive Yellowstone: The First Four Seasons Blu-ray.

Buy Yellowstone Season 1 - 4 on Amazon.
Get Yellowstone: The First Four Seasons on Blu-ray on Amazon.

How To Watch Yellowstone Spinoffs Streaming

Yellowstone isn’t the only Taylor Sheridan show you can watch streaming (or will be able to watch in the very near future), as a number of the Academy Award nominee’s other projects are all available to anyone with a Paramount+ subscription. So, if you want to watch shows like the Yellowstone prequel series 1883 and 1923, or originals like Mayor of Kingstown andTulsa King, we’ve got you covered. 


One of the best Paramount+ originals, 1883 focuses on the Dutton family, though it centers on John Dutton’s great-great-grandparents James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) as they begin a new journey to the American West following the Civil War. From the beginning of the story through its tragic Season 1 finale, 1883 helps flesh out the greater Yellowstone universe.

Stream 1883 on Paramount+.


Set between 1883 and Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 explores what life was like for the Duttons throughout the booming yet turbulent decade between the end of World War I and the Great Depression. The series primarily follows Jacob (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) as they carry to their family, and their Montana ranch, through one obstacle after another. And following a quick renewal in February 2023, we’ll be seeing much more of this generation of Duttons in the near future.

Stream 1923 on Paramount+.

How To Watch Other Taylor Sheridan TV shows Streaming

Taylor Sheridan's TV and streaming empire goes beyond the boundaries of the Dutton Ranch, as the Academy Award-nominee has also created a pair of gritty crime dramas featuring the likes of Jeremy Renner and Sylvester Stallone.

Mayor Of Kingstown

Although not connected to his neo-western epic, Taylor Sheridan’s Mayor of Kingstown, does have some things in common with Yellowstone. Instead of focusing on the powerful Dutton family, this gritty drama series turns its attention to the McLusky family and its tight-grip on the Michigan city it calls home. Jeremy Renner, who previously worked with Sheridan on Wind River, leads the ensemble cast.

Stream Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount+.

Tulsa King


In November 2022, Sylvester Stallone led his first scripted TV series with the debut ofTulsa King on Paramount+. The show followed Stallone’s Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a New York mafioso sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma to expand his boss’ criminal enterprise upon being released from prison. What was initially nothing more than an exile for mafioso quickly became a new beginning for the hardened criminal.

Stream Tulsa King on Paramount+.

Well, this should certainly help you start your journey with Yellowstone, the Dutton family, and other Taylor Sheridan projects. But make sure to check back because there are even more upcoming Yellowstone TV shows set to premiere in the near future. In the meantime, check out the 2024 TV schedule for all the latest on all those new and returning shows. 

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