Adam Sandler’s Next Netflix Movie Added A Big Bang Theory Icon And More

What was once seen as a source of humor for Adam Sandler’s detractors has become a source of joy for the actor/comedian, as his continuing relationship with Netflix is as strong as ever. His next project for the platform, the sci-fi movie Spaceman, has been proving that as of late, with none other than Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan recently joining the cast. And now, The Big Bang Theory icon Kunal Nayyar is one of the new cast members looking to enter the domain of the Sandman.

Kunal Nayyar’s casting was reported by Deadline, along with some other interesting additions to Spaceman’s moviemaking crew. Joining the sitcom star is The Batman actor Paul Dano, who, in addition to being a Netflix alum himself through Bong Joon-Ho’s Okja, is also reuniting with Carey Mulligan. The two had previously worked together on Dano’s directorial debut, Wildlife; and all three actors are newcomers to the Happy Madison universe.

Riding the high of the success that was Hubie Halloween, as well as the anticipation of his similarly star-studded Netflix film Hustle, Adam Sandler continues to enlist some huge talent into his films. Between the films we’ve just mentioned, as well as Spaceman, the likes of Paul Dano, Carey Mulligan and Kunal Nayyar are now part of the same roster that includes June Squibb, Robert Duvall, Queen Latifah and Ben Foster. We might actually be hitting the era of peak streaming Sandler, folks; and it’s a wild ride.

Spaceman takes its story from Jaroslav Kalfar’s novel Spaceman of Bohemia, which will send Adam Sandler to the farthest reaches of space. What starts as collecting ancient star stuff turns into what could be a buddy picture, as an eternal being is following Sandler, and his craft, pretty closely. So there’s already a lot of potential for funny voices, but also touching moments that might make you cry.

Naturally, Spaceman’s latest casting announcement hasn’t given any specifics about who Kunal Nayyar or Paul Dano could be playing. Nor is there anything new about Carey Mulligan’s part to be played either. At this point, it’s a good hunch that one of these three actors will be playing the creature that Adam Sandler becomes friends with; and we’re not quite sure where our money should be yet.

While Adam Sandler movies aren’t critic proof, they certainly to attract fans and actors alike whenever a new one rolls around. As Spaceman doesn’t have a release date just yet, we’re going to have to wait and see what happens with this cinematic roll of the Sandlerverse dice.

Mike Reyes
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