After Getting Ripped, Beauty And The Beast Star Luke Evans Throws Hat In The Ring To Play James Bond

If you’re an actor like Luke Evans and get severely ripped for a role of any kind, it’s almost an invitation for people to ask you about becoming the next James Bond. This is especially true when said body sculpting happens at a time when the current 007 actor is about to vacate the role, as Daniel Craig will after the release of No Time To Die. So it’s no surprise that after his recent transformation, the Beauty and the Beast star is throwing his hat in the ring to play Bond in the next go.

In a recent sit down with The Mirror, Luke Evans was asked that question that Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page and Loki’s Tom Hiddleston have found themselves on the other end of as of late. Evans, in a cool measure of professionalism, plays into the question without going into full audition mode for Bond. Clearly, the man has learned something from those that have been tipped before him, as Luke Evans gave the following response:

I think I've cut my teeth very well in movies I've done and I've enjoyed every second of it. It's a phenomenal job, a phenomenal franchise, an incredible role.

While Luke Evans clearly has the reasons why he’d make a great James Bond ready for anyone who wants them, he isn’t selling himself too hard. Much like Tom Hardy, he’s not talking about it directly, but Evans is definitely dancing carefully around the subject. Which hopefully means that his prospects won’t take a hit, since he’s not pushing too hard for the honors.

At 42 years old, and with everything from Beauty and the Beast to The Alienist giving him some boast worthy credits, Luke Evans would be a great candidate for 007 status. And interestingly enough, it was noted in this same interview that were he to win the role, he’d be the second actor of Welsh descent to play James Bond. The first was the perennially underrated Timothy Dalton. But Evans doesn’t take this conversation lightly, as he lays down these feelings on the current state of Bond:

I have to say though, it's a daunting task for any actor to play the role after Daniel Craig. No one knows what's happening. It's a very secretive process and it's a wonderful role. I would jump at the chance, as would many actors in my position, so we shall see. It will be an exciting casting moment for the Bond production and I wish whoever gets it the best of luck.

If there’s anything to stand in the way of Luke Evans playing James Bond, it’s more than likely the question of how involved his commitment to the Gaston/Lefou prequel series on Disney+, The Little Town, will be. But if a deal can be made, and Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are interested, who knows? There just might be a screen test in Mr. Evans’ future where he’ll get to act out classic 007 scenes, in a bid to become the next man in the tuxedo.

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Mike Reyes
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