Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Explains Why One Major Fight Sequence Was So Hard To Film

Captain Marvel fighting on a train in Captain Marvel

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As Marvel fans wait for more news on Captain Marvel 2, the original film celebrated the second anniversary of its release. To celebrate the anniversary, Brie Larson took to the internet to answer fan questions about Captain Marvel. Eventually, questions came up about shooting certain scenes, and Larson explained why one major fight scene was so hard to film.

Brie Larson gave Marvel fans a peek into making the record-breaking film. As the Oscar-winning actress prepares for Captain Marvel 2, she decided to hop on her YouTube channel to give fans some insight into the film. The MCU star ran through a myriad of questions before answering what her hardest scenes were. Larson revealed why the train battle from the original movie was such a challenge, saying:

Honestly, probably the hardest scene for me was doing the fight sequence on the train. Because it was the first three days of shooting. So, in my first three days on set as Captain Marvel on the film Captain Marvel was doing like judo throws of my fellow stunt team members on a moving train.

In her YouTube video, Brie Larson also revealed her hardest emotional scene to shoot in the Marvel film was the ending. Larson spoke on having to channel Carol Danvers’ raw emotions over being tricked into and misunderstanding the Skrulls’ position. While the scenes were quite different, each required Larson to take into a different part of Danvers’ story.

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Brie Larson talked about how learning fighting choreography brought out her inner hero. As evident by that particular in Captain Marvel, the actress became Carol Danvers without any awkwardness or hesitation. Imagine having to do the train scene within only a few days of filming. But everything worked out as that scene was one of the best fights from any Infinity Saga-era Marvel film. Watching Captain Marvel in action set the pace for the rest of the film. So, Larson and that scene helped to fuel the film’s success.

Captain Marvel’s release was a watershed moment for the MCU. Being Marvel’s first female-led film, Captain Marvel made a huge impression at the box office and in pop culture. Brie Larson’s commitment to the role allowed the public to connect the overall film. This connection was the main reason Marvel fans have been begging for Captain Marvel 2 news. While there’s been some casting news, nothing else has been revealed other than Larson’s film preparation and Candyman director Nia DaCosta’s Marvel debut. That isn’t surprising given Marvel Studios’ much-talked secrecy. That was evident by Larson’s response in the video.

Talking about the difficulty of making that train scene birthed a new appreciation for Brie Larson and the film. Much like the fans, Larson displayed love and admiration for the Marvel character. If you want to watch the train scene once more, you can stream Captain Marvel on Disney+ and Prime video.

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