Andrew Garfield Addresses Those Spider-Man Rumors, And Fans Won't Be Happy

Rumors have a way of taking root and catching fire, with no real heat to spread the flames. There’s a juicy one swirling around Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it involves the return of original Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Well, the latter sat down with Josh Horowitz to promote his latest movie, and when asked point blank about his involvement in the movie, he made a convincing case for him NOT being in it. Here, watch this one for yourselves, and we’ll discuss on the other side:

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Andrew Garfield currently is making the rounds to promote his upcoming film Mainstream, so he appeared as a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. The host, Josh Horowitz, eventually had to tapdance over to the ongoing Spider-Man rumors that have Andrew Garfield appearing on screen in the movie opposite current Spider-Man Tom Holland, as well as original Spider-Man Tobey Maguire. Such a magic trick would be possible thanks to the Multiverse, which we know that Marvel wants to begin introducing into the MCU.

But Andrew Garfield certainly appears to throw cold water on those rumors in the above clip. So now it becomes a matter of, “Do you believe him?” The man is a professional actor, and quite a gifted one, at that. You had to believe that he was prepared to tackle this question in a long-form interview, and so he likely knew how he was going to respond.

Yet… damn. He sounds incredibly convincing in that interview clip. I have analyzed this footage the way that JFK conspiracists analyze the Zapruder film. It looks to me like Garfield is lifting a weight from his shoulders as he’s finally able to address the rumors that he is seeing on social media. (Mind you, nothing stopped him from coming out and addressing them before.) He wants people to know that he is NOT in Jon WattsSpider-Man: No Way Home, telling Horowitz:

There’s nothing to ruin! … Listen, I can’t speak for anything else but for myself. Like, they might be doing something. But I ain’t got a call. … I did not get a call. Listen, I would have gotten a call by now, that’s all I’m saying.

OK, fine. He didn’t get a call. But did they email him? Did Kevin Feige handwrite a letter to Andrew Garfield luring him back to the franchise that he captained for two Amazing Spider-Man films? We hold out hope that this is misdirection by a fantastic actor who has signed a million NDAs and has a money truck in his driveway waiting to unload a small fortune, so long as he protects the secret of his cameo.

We’ll know soon enough. Marvel and Sony will unveil Spider-Man: No Way Home on Dec. 17, picking up the pieces of the bombshell revelation at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and continuing Peter Parker’s journey through the Marvel universe.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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