Marvel’s Sharon Carter Reveals Complicated Kiss Feelings When Filming Captain America: Civil War

Steve Rogers kissing Sharon Carter in Captain America: Civil War

Sharon Carter and Steve Roger’s kiss in Captain America: Civil War still has some Marvel fans riled up and, since coming back to the MCU, Emily VanCamp has constantly been asked about the topic. With this, she's now giving us more of an idea about her thoughts on the kiss and, in a more recent interview, the actress revealed her complicated feelings about the divisive Civil War moment.

No matter how many years removed she is from it, Emily VanCamp must still deal with the effects of that kiss. It's a polarizing moment, to the say the least, but VanCamp has managed to navigate the noise with class and understanding. When talking about the controversial kiss, the MCU star had this to say about her feelings in the moment:

You sort of trust and hope that it all makes sense in the end. I did have a few moments where I wondered, 'Are we going too far with this? Should this be more of an amicable, friendly moment?' I didn't really know. I don't think any of us really knew.

It was understandable for the MCU star to have some trepidation over a potential Captain America-Sharon Carter romance. Given how Marvel fans' response to the tender moment, Emily VanCamp’s intuition was correct. Nevertheless, you have to appreciate that VanCamp is gracious, whenever she's asked about the scene.

During her recent Collider interview, Emily VanCamp addressed Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers’s possible romance fizzling out before it started. This came as a surprise, as the Civil War moment led many to believe more would happen between the two. VanCamp said to the site:

I don't think it's anyone's fault that it didn't totally work in terms of the story. I don't think anyone knew where that was headed or what we were going to do with that moment. It was a sweet moment as it was.

As the actress stated, the kiss turned out to be a sweet moment, and Emily VanCamp doesn't blame anyone for the scene panning out the way many assumed it would. Ultimately, for the MCU fandom, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter were always meant to be together, so many were mostly were mostly pleased when the two finally ended up together in the closing moments of 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

Overall, it would seem that Emily VanCamp is fine with how things have panned out for Sharon Carter. As the actress pointed out, that moment did help lead to the character's altered characterization in Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That show gave fans a very different version of the character and, by the finale, Carter solidified herself as a frenemy (foe?) within the MCU.

Right now, it’s up in the air regarding the direction Sharon Carter is headed. But based on how Marvel Studios has surprised fans before, I’m sure it has big plans for Emily VanCamp and Sharon Carter moving forward. To catch Sharon Carter and Steve Roger’s magic moment, stream Captain America: Civil War on Disney+.

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