Kevin Hart Is Psyched About Borderlands Movie With Jamie Lee Curtis, See His Update From The Set

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While movies based on video games have had an uneven track record of success to say the least, that hasn't stopped Hollywood from trying to find that property that has the potential to be both a box office hit and a critical success. The most recent Mortal Kombat was not that movie, but now another big franchise is getting in front of camera with a movie based on the Borderlands franchise, and Kevin Hart, one of the stars alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett, is certainly excited.

Production has officially begun on the Borderlands movie and Kevin Hart marked the occasion with a shot of what is probably his own chair, which includes a shot of the logo, which is likely that of the film, though it is basically identical to the logo for the video game series its based on. Kevin Hart promises great action in the upcoming film and that this movie is going to be something special.

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Kevin Hart is set to play the role of Roland, a soldier who is one of the playable character in the first Borderlands game, who also appears in the first sequel. In his post, Kevin Hart says he's thankful for the opportunity to be in the Borderlands movie and his words are certainly going to hype up fans of the game who are looking forward to see it all come to life on the screen. If Borderlands really is that amazing it really might shock the world, as Hart implies.

The action of the Borderlands games is always solid. The franchise is a first-person-shooter on an alien world and so the games are usually about wandering an unfamiliar landscape, finding interesting people and creatures, and then filling them full of bullets. The games are all about collecting interesting and unique weapons with which to murder things.

Having said that, the Borderlands games also have a solid sense of humor, and so we can expect that to come through in the new movie as well. With Jack Black and Kevin Hart both part of the film, we can be confident that the movie won't take itself too seriously, and in doing so it might be one of the more accurate adaptations of a video game yet.

Alongside Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett will star in the film as Lilith, another character well known to players of the game series. Jack Black will voice the robot Claptrap and Jamie Lee Curtis will play Dr. Patricia Tannis. Ariana Greenblatt, who played Young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, will play fan favorite character Tiny Tina.

Of course, with the Borderlands movie only just now getting underway it's going to be some time before we actually get a chance to see it, but if Kevin Hart's hype is to be believed, it's certainly going to be worth the wait.

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