Zack Snyder’s Latest Warner Bros. Diss Becomes A Viral Trend, Because Snyder

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It’s no secret that Zack Snyder’s name has been trending for months, especially thanks to the release of his Justice League on HBO Max. Fans have been hoping for more sequels since the four-hour streaming event was finally revealed, although both Snyder and the studio have denied this possibility. And when the filmmaker recently dissed the studio, a new viral hashtag was born. Namely: #SuckItWarnerBrothers.

This new viral diss came to us from Zack Snyder’s recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In the clip Colbert revealed a dark and gritty version of his show, poking fun at the Snyder Cut. Eventually both Snyder and Colbert uttered the phrase “suck it, Warner Bros.!”, and a hashtag was born. That brief clip quickly made it way onto social media, as you can see:

And just like that, a new viral hashtag was born. #SuckItWarnerBrothers has since been tweeted out by countless fans, who are unhappy with the way the studio treated Zack Snyder and other filmmakers. And since folk want to see another Justice League movie on HBO Max, smart money says it stays trending for the foreseeable future.

The DCEU has found its streaming home on HBO Max, including the Snyder Cut. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

It’s no secret that the streaming wars have been in full effect, with more and more services being introduced. Zack Snyder’s Justice League proved a major selling point for HBO Max, but now some fans are mad about how WB treated the titular filmmaker. As such, memes have made their way online encouraging Snyder fans to pivot their money and focus to Paramount. As you can see below.

Despite being given millions to complete his vision for Justice League, it certainly seems like Zack Snyder is still unhappy with his time working for Warner Bros. He’s done a number of interviews stating such, which is seemingly widening the gap between filmmaker and studio. Once #SuckItWarnerBrothers started trending as a result of Stephen Colbert, certain supporters assumed that the studio would be retaliating with some stories about the filmmaker’s behavior. Regardless, those fans aren’t planning on backing down, and one posted:

While Zack Snyder helped to kickstart the DC Extended Universe starting with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, it’s clear that he now has a somewhat strained relationship with the studio. But it was Snyder who helped to cast the franchise’s leading actors, so some fans shared images of the ensemble together before all the drama. Check it out below.

Of course, there are plenty of naysayers involved in the viral hashtag that’s been going around as a result of Zack Snyder and Stephen Colbert. Some moviegoers on social media believe that #SuckItWarnerBrothers shouldn’t be taken seriously. Namely because DC fans will still likely head to theaters for new installments like Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam.

Meanwhile, some fans simply used the hashtag to bring awareness to how Zack Snyder has been perceived by the general public over his tenure working on the DC Extended Universe for WB. The filmmaker’s time in the superhero genre has been dizzying, and it’s definitely been interesting to see how the collective fandom shifted their perspective. As one fan pointed out,

For now #SuckItWarnerBrothers continues to trend on social media, and fans continue rallying around Zack Snyder and hoping for more Justice League content. And while sequels seem unlikely, the filmmaker himself continues to add fuel to the fire while also creating new projects like Army of the Dead for Netflix.

Army of the Dead is streaming now on Netflix, and the next installment in the DCEU is The Suicide Squad on August 6th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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