Army Of The Dead’s Pixels Have Fans Thinking Their TV Is Broken

Raul Castillo in Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder is a filmmaker known for his unique visual language. And while conversation continues about his version of Justice League, Snyder celebrated a new release with Netflix’s Army of the Dead. The movie’s been trending on the streaming service, as well as on social media. But #ArmyOfTheDeadPixel has also been making its way online, as audiences have been thinking their TV is broken due to a number of broken pixels in the movie.

Army of the Dead premiered on Netflix last weekend, and has been doing solid numbers since. Moviegoers were thrilled to see Zack Snyder’s sensibilities outside of the DCEU, although dead pixels that showed up as white dots served as a distraction to audiences. Folks quickly took to Twitter to respond, saying:

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Watching a movie at home is supposed to be a relaxing experience, especially as studios put out new releases on streaming services. But some folks who tuned in to Zack Snyder’s latest Army of the Dead felt panicked, as dead pixels made them think their television had broken mid-movie. But it turns out that this was an experience shared by many who watched the zombie flick, and said television sets were just fine.

I have to admit that I was one of those Netflix subscribers who started freaking while watching Army of the Dead for the first time. I quickly took to my phone in the midst of the first appearance of the white dots, and did a quick google search on my phone. Luckily I learned I wasn’t alone, and could continue enjoying the rest of the action. That experience was shared by others, who posted:

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Once various Netflix subscribers caught the same broken pixels in Army of the Dead, a new viral hashtag quickly went around Twitter. Because what is the internet without memes? One fan poked fun at the white dots, which they believed earned top billing over Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista.

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Plenty of the reactions that were tagged #ArmyOfTheDeadPixel repeated the sentiment of confusion and worry when white dots started appearing in Zack Snyder’s bloody affair. Another audience member used the word “heart attack” to describe their experience, and was flabbergasted that Army of the Dead was release with that error. As they put it,

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There was a massive budget attached to Army of the Dead. And even once filming was wrapped, a huge chunk of money went into adding Tig Notaro to the mix. It’s for this reason that moviegoers were so surprised to see that broken pixels had made it into the final cut, responding with:

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Zack Snyder is a filmmaker known for having a very specific vision, which was definitely highlighted when audiences were treated to his version of Justice League a few months ago. And while Army of the Dead told a unique story with thrilling action, the dead pixels proved distracting for some. Luckily there was plenty of blood and guts to distract us all.

Overall, it looks like plenty of eyes are on Army of the Dead, which is great news for Zack Snyder’s continued relationship with Netflix. There’s already plenty of talks about a zombie sequel, and Snyder confirmed he’s got ideas brewing. We’ll just have to wait and see if the streaming service green lights a new installment of the property.

Army of the Dead is currently available now on Netflix. Be sure to check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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