Tom Hiddleston Has Another A+ Reaction To Matt Damon’s Loki Continuing in Thor: Love And Thunder

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While Tom Hiddleston got to reprise his role as Loki, the god of mischief, in Thor: Ragnarok, he also got to experience a weird sort of double vision while watching Matt Damon play an actor playing his character. It’s an experience he will be missing out on in Thor: Love and Thunder, as Damon’s unnamed actor will be returning and Hiddleston understandably won’t. But that hasn’t stopped him from dishing out some A+ reactions to that news, and the latest word from Tom Hiddleston is a rather pithy reply.

As he promoted the premiere of his Disney+ series Loki, Hiddleston and Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, bonded over their comedic feud with Matt Damon. Some good natured jabs were thrown about, while showing Damon off in his full Loki regalia. And once again Tom Hiddleston reminded the world that Loki contains multitudes that allow such things to happen. However, two can play at this game, as the MCU villain made the following ultimatum:

All I can say is next time there’s a new Jason Bourne movie, maybe in another reality there’s another Jason Bourne who might show up around the corner.

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In terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself, the potential that Tom Hiddleston could assume the role of Jason Bourne as a cover would make for a jaw dropping gag in an episode of Loki. Who’s to say that the mischievous scamp of the MCU wouldn’t assume the identity of a famous spy to throw a wrench into the works of the world? Or even funnier, he could take on the role of Matt Damon himself, showing how exactly he came to play this role in the Thor franchise.

However, this comedic scenario has given way to an interesting potential reality. If Tom Hiddleston wants to get serious about the spy world, and if James Bond isn’t a possibility he’s looking to entertain, there’s a chance Universal could take another spin at a new Bourne film with Hiddleston in the lead. Or if Matt Damon is still ready to bring the character post Jason Bourne, Tom Hiddleston could be an ex-Treadstone agent that’s ready to take him out.

No matter which path reality takes us, the audience, a new comedy feud has been born. In the tradition of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, as well as Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Hiddleston’s fake beef with Damon is something that could get very interesting really quick. Especially since there’s plenty of time between now and the next Thor movie’s debut to properly nurture this nemesis narrative.

Through Loki and Thor: Love and Thunder, two very different versions of this villain turned hero turned villain again are at play. If you’ve got a Disney+ subscription, you can see the proper mischief maker cleaning up all of time and space, with new episodes dropping each week. Meanwhile, Matt Damon’s Loki will be shown in Thor: Love and Thunder, which hits theaters on February 11, 2022. Choose your side carefully, and don’t forget to check out the Disney+ subscription bundle being offered, should you not already be a subscriber.

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