Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Had The Best Response To A Dad Pretending To Use The Force On His Kid

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If you’re a Star Wars fan who’s active on Twitter or just a general user in need of some positive content, might I recommend following Mark Hamill? The legendary actor is a pure delight and always manages to provide fans with a good joke or sweet tidbit about his time making George Lucas’ fan-favorite franchise. Another cool aspect of his social media presence is that he enjoys interacting with the fans and dishing out a perfect response if one does something funny. Well, this was the case once again when he spotted a video of a dad pretending to use the Force on his baby.

Fans of the franchise have gone viral before and, just recently, a Star Wars-loving dad became an internet hit. In a video, the proud papa is shown moving his child’s rolling high chair with his legs to make it appear that he’s using the power of the Force. The sweet and funny clip delighted fans and eventually caught Mark Hamill’s attention. In response, the actor shared some A+ thoughts on Twitter regarding the father’s parental methods:

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And just like that, Mark Hamill has won the internet yet again. Considering how perfectly the actor reacts to social media posts, one would think that he has a team of writers to help him out but, let’s be honest, that’s just pure talent and wit. On a side note, am I the only one who felt seen when Hamill admitted that he occasionally waves his hand at automatic doors?

At this point, it honestly feels like there’s nothing Mark Hamill hasn’t reacted to on social media. The humorous star acknowledged this year’s May the Fourth with a funny and on-brand message. His commentary even expands into science, as he recently shared some pitch-perfect thoughts on the discovery of a fossilized claw.

Don’t be fooled by Mark Hamill’s kindness, either, as he also doesn’t mind doing a bit of trolling when the occasion calls for it. He recently joined TikTok and received some flak for how quickly he was able to build up his following. With this, the actor couldn’t help but respond with a cheeky video.

Ultimately, the jokes and comments Mark Hamill makes just solidify the fact that he loves and appreciates the Star Wars franchise. It’s also clear that he enjoys sharing that passion with fans across the web. His role as Luke Skywalker has meant so much to so many, and it’s great to see that he appreciates it just as much, if not more than we do. You can check out his work by streaming the Skywalker Saga on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

It’s easy to assume that Mark Hamill will only continue to deliver hilarious posts as he remains on social media. And you can bet that fans like myself will continue to look forward to what he has to say about pop culture and everyday life.

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