Watch Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Evil Twin’ Call Him Out For Doing So Many Body-Swap Movies

Ryan Reynolds walks around the city looking upset in Free Guy

Sometimes, we truly are our own harshest critics. Though not everyone learns this in the same manner as Free Guy's Ryan Reynolds apparently has, which is through an interview with his “evil twin,” Gordon. Even worse, this brutal lesson in self criticism, courtesy of a new ad Reynolds stars in, sees his supposed doppelgänger hitting a familiar nerve by calling him out on all of the body-swap movies he’s done in the past.

The real purpose of this ad was for Ryan Reynolds to announce that his marketing company, Maximum Effort, is merging with another advertising entity known as MNTN. But seeing this as a good opportunity to engage in marketing savvy, and good natured japery, Reynolds took to Instagram and resurrected an old joke to announce the happy news. Watch Ryan Reynolds beat himself up verbally, courtesy of that very ad:

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Cards on the table, Gordon’s not wrong with his assessment of Ryan Reynolds’ filmography. That’s not to say that he’s been officially assigned the title of “King of the Body-Swapping Movie,” but listen to that rundown of credits he lays out. Anyone who’s made The Change Up, Self/Less and Detective Pikachu would certainly find themselves in the running for that crown. But even the infamous R.I.P.D.comes into play, though whether or not that’s a true body-swapping film is something that can be debated by leading Reynolds scholars.

Just when you thought Ryan Reynolds wasn’t tortured enough after his recent duties in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard literally required such treatment, the man behind the mask of the Deadpool series aimed that wit at himself yet again. Though “Gordon” seems to be walking the line of respect and insults rather well, especially considering he has a limited edition bottle of Aviation Gin sitting next to a cup of Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee. Which only furthers the body-swap gag, as there was that one time fans wanted Jackman and Reynolds to be the faces of the alleged Face/Off reboot.

Admittedly, body-swap jokes are a little familiar, which is why it’s even more hysterical that the Gordon Reynolds persona busted out some jokes about celebrity dating app Raya. You can imagine that Gordon would love to pull a Ben Affleck and connect with a fan, only to record a video claiming that he’s actually Ryan Reynolds. Hilarity ensues, and somehow Thanksgiving is even more awkward for these two halves of the same fictional coin.

It’s probably better for the world that Gordon Reynolds doesn’t exist, as an evil version of Ryan Reynolds’ marketing acumen and crowd pleasing showmanship would probably lead to some dark places. Or, it could lead to another body-swap movie, where Ryan and Gordon switch places, and only Blake Lively can tell the difference. For now, the world will have to settle for one Ryan Reynolds, who can be seen in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, currently in theaters.

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