Hugh Jackman Would Be Down To Do A Face/Off Reboot With Ryan Reynolds, But Has One Request

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds side by side

It seems like an incredibly daunting task to reboot the classic action-thriller Face/Off, but it’s something that’s definitely in the works as we speak. If the internet had its wishes granted, we’d be seeing a new version of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage’s infamous face-swapping adventure starring the best pals of Hollywood, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. While this isn’t a serious prospect, it’s something that Jackman would actually be down for. However, he has one request: he doesn’t have to be near Reynolds for any amount of time while filming.

As part of the humorous feud that’s raged between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, this particular remark came in a recent interview that brought up the Face/Off pitch fans have hit the message boards to support. That in turn led to this particular scenario coming up in Jackman’s interview with The Jess Cagle Show, and the X-Men star digging the idea with this very specific wish:

Is it possible to shoot it where we are never actually together? Is that possible? Then I’m open to that.

While this is another one of the charming jokes that happen to pass between the men who were once mutants in Fox’s corner of the Marvel universe, it might not be that alien of a concept in the current climate. Were Ryan Reynolds to join Hugh Jackman in a hypothetical Face/Off reboot, the sort of regulations included in current productions like Jurassic World: Dominion might still be applied to films that get underway in the near future.

Whether or not this concept is a reality at this point, Paramount is definitely mounting remakes of its classic properties with interesting pairings cast in the leads. We saw this happen recently with the announcement of a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles remake starring Will Smith and Kevin Hart. If you ask me, hiring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for the Face/Off reboot might just be the edge they’re looking for when it comes to cracking how to make this project into a hotly anticipated draw. Unfortunately, that’s not a prospect that’s currently in the works. But if the internet wants it, and those interested are loud enough to make it known, all things are possible.

In the meantime, there’s still some exciting options for you Hugh Jackman/Ryan Reynolds fans out there. You can currently see Jackman in the HBO original movie Bad Education, which is showing throughout the network’s various channels, as well as streaming on HBO Max. As for the Reynolds fanatics in the audience, you can either wait until December for the theatrical release of Free Guy, or you can try to hunt down a physical copy of 2003’s Foolproof, as Mint Mobile Plus is officially defunct.

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