Kristen Stewart Talks Playing Princess Diana Next And Why Di Isn't An Easy Character To Let Go Of

Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season
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Within the past few months, there’s been a larger spotlight being placed on the British Royals following an intimate interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave to Oprah. And coming down the pipeline is an intriguing drama about Princess Diana starring Twilight’s Kristen Stewart. The movie is called Spencer and will follow Stewart’s Di in a pivotal moment in her life. Since playing the role, the actress has opened up about what it was like to play the late Princess of Wales.

Spencer, directed by Jackie’s Pablo Larraín, will follow Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana over a three-day weekend during the Christmas season in the early 1990s, duringn which she decided to divorce Prince Charles and leave the Royal Family. Stewart has put a lot of work into portraying the character and said this about taking on the role:

She means a lot to me – but it’s all relatively new because I’m from LA and I didn’t grow up in England. Before this, she was not something that was at the forefront of my mind, because I lived so far away from it all. Now, I can’t stop thinking about her. I often wonder what she’d think about what’s going on in the world right now. To be honest, I’ve now consumed pretty much all there is to consume in terms of videos and interviews. I’ve watched everything that you could hear or see. I even go to sleep with it on.

The actress has been in the deep end researching the role, going through multiple biographies about the princess along with watching and listening to every interview of Diana she could get her hands on. Kristen Stewart is not British, so she doesn’t have the same closeness with the culture that someone from Britain might have but, since nabbing the role, she’s truly been living and breathing it.

When someone spends as much time with a person, as Kristen Stewart has, even falling asleep to recordings of her voice, it makes sense she might form an attachment to her. Stewart clearly cares about her performance in the role that many will surely be tuning into and she has shared a “protectiveness” she feels for the Princess of Wales since playing her.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer

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Kristen Stewart’s words (via El Paso Inc) are exciting because we’re curious how her transformation will take shape. We’ve seen a first look at Princess Diana already (above), but seeing how the actress embodies the role through her accent and mannerisms is what we’re waiting to get a first look at. The movie has already been filmed and is expected to come out late this year, although we don’t have an official date yet.

Kristen Stewart previously took on French New Wave icon Jean Seberg for 2019’s Seberg alongside a variety of exciting roles ranging for the comedic Happiest Season and Charlie’s Angels to sci-fi thriller Underwater. You can check out all of Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie and TV projects as we wait for Spencer.

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