James Bond Turns 60 Next Year, But There’s Still Time To Celebrate This Other Dr. No-Related Milestone

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In October 2022, fans of the James Bond franchise will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Dr. No first being released into theaters – first playing in the UK on October 5, 1962. However, as we wait for No Time To Die to finally make its way to the big screen, there’s still time to celebrate another milestone related to that very special birthday. As it turns out, this week marks the 60th anniversary of the formation of EON Productions, the company that first brought Bond, James Bond to the big screen.

Celebrating this crucial piece of trivia, the official 007 Instagram honored today’s big occasion with a video that shows clips from the first 24 James Bond movies. It’s a feat that was possible thanks to producers Albert “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, who teamed up with a mutual interest in bringing Ian Fleming’s espionage hero into theaters around the world. Sixty years later, their efforts have reaped this visually stunning reward:

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All of the James Bond actors are represented in this video, with each adventure that’s already seen a theatrical release being shown off. The eagle eyed 007 fan will realize that Daniel Craig’s big finale, No Time To Die, has been left out of this tribute, but that could have been done in the name of visual symmetry, as well as letting the 25th Bond adventure have its own time to shine later this year.

It certainly will shine, as the extended delay of the film’s release has seen the patience of fans of this particular series tested. However, with a fall release date currently locked in, No Time To Die looks like it’ll finally see the light of day in 2021. But none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for the formation of EON Productions 60 years ago.

Currently led by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, EON Productions is still very much a family business. The step-siblings have been a part of the James Bond machinery for quite some time, with Wilson and Broccoli serving in other positions in the company throughout its storied history. They took the reins after Albert Broccoli’s passing in 1996, and their leadership in that era helped Bond evolve into a 21st century action hero.

Though MGM may have seen rocky fortunes throughout the years, it’s EON Productions that serves as the true seat of power when it comes to James Bond’s future. With the ability to veto important decisions involving the franchise, like casting, dialogue choices, and even release strategy, anyone who wants to be in the business of 007’s cinematic endeavors needs to be on their good side. And those very privileges were baked into that very first agreement that Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman struck with United Artists 60 years ago this very day.

The world surely would have eventually seen James Bond arrive on the silver screen regardless, as Ian Fleming’s books were all the rage back when they were originally published. All of those books are still in print, it was never a question of if 007 movies would happen, but when. Thanks to the efforts of EON Productions, the world can now celebrate almost 60 years of Dr. No, when the anniversary of the film’s release arrives next year. In the meantime, fans will have No Time To Die unfurling before their eyes on September 30 in the UK and October 8 in the US.

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