After Wrapping On Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez Has Boarded A New Netflix Movie

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

It’s been over a year and a half since Jennifer Lopez starred in and produced Hustlers, but the actress/pop icon will be back on the big screen soon. Both Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding are slated for 2022 releases, with the latter movie having finished filming back in April. Additionally, Lopez recently signed a first-look deal with Netflix, and a new movie part of that slate for the streaming service has been announced.

Jennifer Lopez has signed on to star in and produce the Netflix sci-fi thriller Atlas, per Deadline. San Andreas and Rampage’s Brad Peyton will direct the feature, and Locke & Key’s Aron Eli Coleite tackled the most recent draft of the Atlas script, with Leo Sardarian having written the original draft. Atlas is third movie to be announced through Netflix’s partnership with Lopez and her production company Nuyorican Productions, the prior two being being The Mother (which will be directed by Niki Caro) and The Cipher (based on the same-named novel by Isabella Maldonado).

As far as Atlas’ premise goes, the movie will follow a woman who’s fighting to save humanity from an AI solider that’s decided to eliminate all war by eradicating all humans. In order to defeat this rogue AI, this woman will have to work with another AI, a situation she’s understandably not excited about. It can logically be assumed that Jennifer Lopez will play the main heroine, but aside from that, no other Atlas castings or character details have been provided.

No one reading this needs to be told how popular Jennifer Lopez is, so a sci-fi movie starring the pop icon is bound to collect a lot of views from Netflix subscribers. At this time, it’s unclear if Atlas will take priority over The Mother and The Cipher, or if one or both of those projects will arrive beforehand. I’m inclined towards the latter option, especially since Brad Peyton is also gearing up to shoot the Dave Bautista-led action movie Universe’s Most Wanted, so that will keep him busy for the near future.

But again, it’s not like we’ll be lacking for Jennifer Lopez movies. Marry Me sees her playing a Latin poster who, after learning her on-stage partner has been having a secret affair, decides to marry a stranger, Owen Wilson’s Charlie Gilbert, who was holding a “Marry Me” sign at one of her concerts. Marry Me arrives on February 11, 2022, and four months later, Shotgun Wedding will come out. That movie follows Jennifer Lopez’s Darcy and Josh Duhamel’s Tom getting cold feet right before their destination wedding, only to have to team up to save their family and friends when they’re taken hostage.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on Atlas’ development, and don’t forget to look through our detailed June 2021 Netflix guide to learn what the streaming service has uploaded this month and what’s still to come.

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